10mm Radiator Valves

Whether you never realised your pipes were too thin, or you want a new radiator valve that needs to match 10mm, Trade Radiators has a dynamic range of radiators valves to help. 

We stock our own range of uniquely designed radiator valves for all styles and finishes. 

If you’re on the lookout for a 10mm valve set-up, we can help you get set up in no time at all at an unbeatable price. 

How Do I Know if I Need a 10mm Radiator Valve? 

If you see a site selling a 10mm valve, it’s just not true. 

We say 10mm valve in the radiator industry, but what you’re actually looking for is a valve with a 10mm pipe reducer included to match central heating systems with 10mm pipes. 

All the valves you see on this page come in the BSP standard with 10mm reducers. 

What is the BSP standard? 

BSP stands for British Standard Pipe. It is an industry-wide standard for the size of the threading a radiator intake will have from its valve (i.e. the diameter of the hole). A universal size means every radiator, in theory, can fit in any installation across the country. 

The problem that arises when we talk about 10mm valves is from pipe setup. 

Why would my system have 10mm pipes? 

Not all houses are created equal. Varying pipe sizes are quite common. In new houses, thinner pipes that are 8-10mm wide are common from an economic standpoint. In older houses, pipes were thinner simply because it was cheaper. 

That’s why if you’ve moved into an old house and are completely renovating, you might notice that different rooms might have varying pipe sizes. 

Do all radiators need a 15mm valve? 

Yes. Your radiator’s entry will always be 15mm, no matter what size or shape of radiator you’re buying. That’s why we provide reducers. 

What do 10mm Radiators Reducers do? 

Reducers help make a clean connection between your pipes and valves. They sit subtlety inside the valve opening so that you won’t end up with a long looking intake. It matches the difference in size between the two and shrinks it down so your radiator can work as normal. 

When Would I Need a 10mm Radiator Valve Reducer?

You would need one when a room has pipes with 10mm centres. 

Why Get a 10mm Radiator Valve Reducer? 

It’s the easiest solution to a small problem. The valve is essentially hidden, so no one notices. The only alternative would be to get new pipes fitted; a very costly alternative. 

What Radiators Look Best with 10mm Valves?

Remember that the reducers are hidden when attached to your valve. We do have a fantastic range of valves in several styles though, including: 

  • Chrome Angled  
  • Chrome Straight 
  • Minimalist  
  • Square Nickel Angled 
  • White Angled Thermostatic 
  • Antique Brass Angled 

Types of 10mm Radiator Valves

We provide valves to match all heating systems, whether that’s a simplistic minimalist knob style when you want the option to turn it off and or, a vintage knob valve if you want something with a traditional look or our range of thermostatic radiator valves for rooms where you want temperature control. 

Value-for-Money Radiators Valves

All of the valves you see on this page come with 10mm pipe reducers as standard. We don’t see quality as a reason to charge more for a product. That’s why we have the best deals online for radiator valves with 10mm reducers. 

Trade Radiators Valve Delivery Guarantee 

If you find yourself in the situation where you’ve gone to install a radiator without realising your pipes are 10mm, you don’t have to wait too long for 10mm reducers and valves. 

Simply find the right style on this page, and we’ll aim to get it delivered anywhere in mainland UK by next working day if you order before 2 pm. 

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