22mm Radiator Valves

It’s great to have a fantastic new radiator all ready to go, but if your radiator setup isn’t 100% perfectly, you could run into problems, especially if it involves having valves that are broken or no longer adaptable to your system.

Here at Trade Radiators, we have a range of 22mm radiator valves available that can work perfectly when working with larger than standard pipes.

Shop the range of valves we currently have in the 22mm range and find the ideal valve for any space.

Do all radiators need a 22mm valve?

No. Radiators will mostly by default have a 15mm entry point.

So why would you need a 22mm valve?

Not all pipes are created equal. In many homes across the UK you will find that copper pipes fitted

in for radiators will be 15mm wide to meet the BSP standard, but in homes with older radiators or

older pipes, the entry points will be much bigger. It can in some cases get up to 28mm wide, but

22mm is the more common larger size we get in the UK.

When there is such a discrepancy, we have to ensure valves are adaptable for the system.

What is the BSP standard?

BSP stands for British Standard Pipe. It is an industry-wide standard for the size of the threading a radiator has for a valve.

My 22mm radiator valve doesn’t fit correctly. Why?

If the valve isn’t fitting correctly, it won’t be the radiator but the pipes you’re attaching to.

A very loose fit where the valve constantly feels it is tumbling over and falling off means your valve is too big. If it won’t even allow placement, it is too small.

You can prevent these problems by getting the right radiator valve for your space with the following valves sizes available:

How to choose the right 22mm radiator valve

Getting the wrong valve can leave your radiator installation looking like a work in progress, so taking the time to browse and find one that will match the look you’re trying to achieve works wonders.

For example, if you need a 22mm valve for a chrome radiator in your bathroom or kitchen, you would preferably want a chrome valve that matches the radiator design and any ornate features in the room.

Customers who have purchased cast iron radiators will often be looking for something like Abbey Lever valves from West Manual Valves to create a distinguished look around the radiator.

Types of 22mm radiator valves

Popular styles of 22mm radiator valves we currently have available include:

  • West manual ¾ inch angled lever valves
  • West 22mm Abbey valves with brass top
  • West thermostatic valves with a satin finish
  • West 22mm Abbey valves in a pewter finish (great match for Anthracite radiators)

Value-for-Money Radiator Valves

Trade Radiators always wants to give customers the best deal possible when buying everything for their radiators – valves included.

If you’re looking for cheaper 22mm valves, then West would be the best brand to choose.

Need other radiator accessories?

Whether you need new pipe sleeves, air vents installed or think your radiator would look better by placing new plugs and caps over standard fittings; you’ll want to check out all of our radiator accessories.

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