8mm Radiator Valves

When you need a new radiator valve in a hurry, Trade Radiators can help. We have valves and 8mm reducers available for any style of radiator, no matter what the setup is. 

With our valves coming in a range of finishes, they’ll compliment the design of any radiator, whether you have a sleek anthracite flat panel radiator in your kitchen or a traditional white convector single panel radiator in your bedroom. 

How Do I Know if I Need an 8mm Radiator Valve?

It is really important to know that you can’t actually buy an 8mm radiator valve outright. 

All valves have a universal standard thread of 15mm. When we talk about a valve being 8mm, we’re talking about reducers you attach on to a valve for it to work correctly. 

So all Radiators Actually Need 15mm Valves? 

No. The reason you would need an 8mm radiator valve reducer will most commonly be because of pipework. Many newer buildings will have thinner pipes to save on costs and materials. 

So, while your radiator will always have a 15mm entry, it won’t work if your intake pipe is 8mm. That’s where reducers come in to play. 

What do 8mm Radiators Reducers do?

Reducers ensure that the connection from pipe to radiator is clean and sound. It simply takes what would be a 7mm difference and reduces that entry point from your pipes through your valve to your radiator. 

When Would I Need an 8mm Radiator Valve?

Some factors will include: 

  • Your radiator type 
  • The pipe size 
  • The angle of your pipes 

Why Choose an 8mm Radiator Valve Reducer? 

You’ll need a reducer if you have 8mm pipes in your room. It’s a simple solution for an efficient heating system rather than having to carry out costly pipework just to get connected. 

What Radiators Look Best with 8mm Valves? 

Luckily we provide reducers with a wide selection of our valves. It is possible to get a valve and 8mm reducer in the following finishes: 

  • Chrome 
  • Anthracite 
  • Black Nickel 
  • Jet Black 
  • Brass 

Straight and Cornered 8mm Radiator Valves 

Reducers sit in between the valve and pipe, so there’s no need to worry about whether it affects your valve. If you don’t have a traditional corner/angled connection, you’ll want to take a look at our range of straight radiator valves

Value-for-Money Radiators Valves

Trade Radiators prides itself on being able to provide radiator valves and 8mm reducers at the best price possible online. 

We take every part of a radiator setup seriously and don’t compromise on quality just because we can offer a better price from other sites online. 

And while 8mm valve reducers perform an important function, remember that you won’t know they’re there, and you’ll want to make sure your valve matches the look of your radiator perfectly. 

All of the valves you see on this page come with 8mm pipe reducers as standard. 

Radiator Valve Delivery Guarantee 

A tiny oversight like not realising your pipes don’t fit the BSP standard can be quite annoying. Trade Radiators can help make sure you’re sorted out in no time at all. 

Place an order for any of the valves with 8mm reducers we have in stock before 2 pm, and we’ll aim to have it delivered by courier by next working day. It’s our delivery guarantee. 


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