Angled Radiator Valves

Trade Radiators is home to arguably the best and most extensive selection of angled radiator valves you’ll find online. With over 140 different styles, shapes and finishes to choose from, you’ll easily find the angled valve you’ve been looking for in no time at all.

Shop our current range and choose valves from top brand names, such as West and Trade Direct.

What are Angled Radiator valves?

Angled radiator valves are the most common valve type in the UK. These are radiator valves which join your radiator with your pipework at a 90° angle (vertical to horizontal).

If your pipes come out of the floor, and have to connect with side entries on the radiator, this is the type of radiator you need. If your pipes come from the wall to meet side entries, you need corner radiator valves instead.

What do Angled Radiator Valves do?

An angled radiator valve controls how much hot water flows into and out of your radiator. Not only does this protect your boiler, but it also keeps things energy efficient and of course, toasty and warm.

You’ll have a choice between manual and thermostatic radiator valves. Manual valves are a simple on/off valve to let water into the radiator. Thermostatic valves allow for a more significant deal of control by letting you set the radiator to an ideal temperature.

You can use the filter option on the left side menu to choose between manual and thermostatic angled radiator valves.

How Do I Know What Angled Radiator Valve to Buy?

Knowing what to look for in a radiator valve is just as important as knowing what BTU output you need from your new radiator. If you are baffled by BTU ratings, use our handy heat calculator to find out what BTU you need from a radiator.

Budget can play an important part in your decision too. The angled valves we offer range in price from £20 to £50 depending on their style, finish, and function. When we have seasonal sales on, valves can be as low as £10.

What colours do Angled Radiator Valves come in?

At Trade Radiators, we try our hardest to give customers as much variety as possible. That’s why we have 20 different finishes to choose from. Some of the most popular include:

  • Anthracite
  • Black
  • Copper
  • Metallic Grey
  • Pewter
  • Polished Nickel
  • Satin Nickel
  • Un-Lacquered Brass
  • White

If you’re unsure which finish to go for, take a look at the full range of radiator valves by finish we have available just now.

What are Angled Valves made from?

Angled valves, like most radiator valves, will be made from brass as they provide better corrosion resistance than other materials.

How do you fit an Angled Radiator Valve?

This blog post will guide you through the steps of fitting an angled valve.

What Radiators Work Best With This Valve?

There’s hardly a radiator style which doesn’t work well with angled valves.

Thanks to the range of shapes and finishes that we offer here at Trade Radiators, you are sure to find the ideal match for your chosen radiator. Traditional towel rails merge seamlessly with a classic Balmoral style valve. If you are looking for a more modern feel, take a look at these square valves that pair perfectly with a ladder style rail.

And if you’re sticking with a traditional column radiator, a simple valve from the Trade Direct range will work wonderfully.

Why would an Angled Valve not fit correctly?

In the rare occasion where a radiator valve won’t fit to pipes correctly, it is due to the pipes not meeting industry standards. While quite uncommon, a simple solution is to get some radiator reducers which can help create a tight connection.

Learn everything you need to about Angled Radiator Valves

There’s no need to worry if you’re not sure where to start with buying a radiator valve or even what type you need. We have all your questions answered, and practical advice for installation, at The Complete Guide to Radiator Valves.

Does Trade Radiators Offer Good Value for Money?

Trade Radiators offers the best price possible for angled radiator valves.

We are so confident of our low prices that everything we sell is backed by our Price Match Guarantee. If you find the same make and model of valve for less at another online store, we will match the price for you.

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