Anthracite Grey Radiator Valves

Anthracite grey has become a very trendy shade being used across the country right now. If you’re decorating your home, or somewhere like a shop or restaurant space, with an anthracite grey finish and don’t want your radiator valves to awkwardly stand out against the lovely finish on your wall or radiator, you’ll want to get anthracite grey radiator valves.

We have a small range of angled, straight and corner anthracite grey valves available that can be used on all radiators sold on site. Find the right valve and create a complimentary finish for any room easily.

How Do I Know Which Anthracite Grey Radiator Valve to Buy?

The main factors that can help decide what anthracite grey valve to purchase can include:

  • The radiator type.
  • The radiator finish.
  • The radiator size.
  • The room you’re installing it in.

You can see from the range on this page some of the subtleties we have from valve to valve.

Why Choose an Anthracite Grey Radiator Valve?

The main reason for choosing an anthracite grey valve is to match the colour of a radiator with a similar finish or to have it match the colour of the wall.

This finish is as modern as its get, and every valve has a certain function. Take in to account the location of the entry and exit points on your radiator and the space around those areas. This will help you know if you’ll need a straight, angled or corner valve.

What Radiators Look Best With Anthracite Grey Valves?

We would recommend these valves work best when you’re buying an anthracite radiator or towel rail. Those looking for a sleek and minimal look will want to see if any of our Anthracite Grey Nevo Radiators work best in your space.

Want an ultra-modern look in your room, with your radiator fitting in seamlessly? The Anthracite Slimline Radiators use the latest in radiator design to create a truly unique look, working well in living rooms and kitchens that have similarly designed tables and countertops.

Good Value Anthracite Valves

We pride ourselves on giving customers the best products possible, especially when it comes to anything that needs a high-quality finish. All our anthracite valves are carefully made to ensure they look great no matter where they’re installed. Even with a product like an angled anthracite thermostatic valve, the finish is applied discretely to help it blend in with the room.

Don’t forget that all the options we sell have VAT included with the total price clearly listed, so you know the real cost of all our products without any hidden fees.

Our Delivery Guarantee

Have you already purchased your Anthracite radiator and realised you don’t have matching valves, sleeves and reducers?

When you order your anthracite radiator valves here on site, we’ll strive to deliver your order as fast as possible. With free delivery, we aim to get any valve ordered before 2 pm sent straight to you with next day delivery.

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