Black Radiator Valves

Sleek. Possibly a surprising term to use when describing radiator valves, but with the range of black radiators valves available at Trade Radiators, you’ll soon see why they can add a lustrous look to any radiator set-up.

We have a fantastic range of black radiator valves to use in any heating system. Whether you’re getting an ultra-modern towel rail or classically made cast-iron radiator, we have the right kind of black valve to match. Take a look at the range and see if there’s a black radiator valve here to create a perfect fit for your set-up.

With free delivery on your valves too, we promise the best value online.

Which Black Radiator Valves Are Popular?

Black finishes are becoming a very common choice, especially with customers who are looking to give their home a very modern look. A lot of customers buying black valves will be redecorating their kitchens and bathrooms with black heated towel rails or black flat panel radiators.

When that’s the case, having the original white valves in place can stick out like a sore thumb and make the set-up look incomplete. To keep a modern look, it’s a good idea to find a black valve that best matches the look of your black radiator.

Many customers getting new valves are quite keen on the black nickel finish of valves in this range, while anyone with a matte finish on their radiator would best be suited to having a jet black radiator valve.

How Do I Know What Black Radiator Valve to Buy?

Apart from looking fantastic, you need a valve that fits in with the functions you want from your radiator.

If you have a radiator you know you’ll not need to adjust when turned on; then a simple, minimalist valve is a good option as you can leave it be.

When you have a room that you want to keep control of the temperature in, we would suggest getting a black thermostatic valve to let you adjust it when you like.

And if you have a darker cast iron radiator, then a Bentley or angled Belgravia valve would be the most appropriate option.

Why Choose a Black Radiator Valve?

You may want a black radiator valve to:

  • Complement a black radiator
  • Match room fittings
  • Replace old fittings
  • Stand out from a design perspective

Best Value Black Valves

At Trade Radiators all valves come with a two-year guarantee that they’ll work without fault and a promise that you won’t find the same valve for a lower price anywhere else online.

With VAT included, we provide the best value possible on these and other radiator accessories.

Our Delivery Guarantee

All valves ordered come with free next working day when ordered before 2pm. If you’re ordering valves as part of an order with a new radiator, we’ll try to get the product delivered as quickly as possible. You can find out more information about our deliveries here.

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