Brass Radiator Valves

Adding a touch of class to any room, our range of brass radiator valves are a fantastic way to help spruce up your radiator set-up. Whether you have a plain valve that doesn’t spark joy or a scratched and paint-splattered valve that has seen better days, we have the ideal brass valve available at Trade Radiators.

Take a look at this dynamic range and find the right radiator valve today. Suitable for all systems, and at a price you won’t find anywhere else online, get a new brass valve today.

How Do I Know Which Brass Radiator Valve to Get?

The first thing to know about buying a valve, before you even look at the design, is the location and shape of your valve.

You’ll notice that our brass valves are listed as angled or cornered, and it can get confusing if you don’t know what each means. An angled brass valve is one where you need to have a 90° angle for your pipe to vertically go into the radiator. This is the most popular valve type on the market.

A cornered brass valve allows pipes to be taken straight in from a wall at a horizontal 90° bend.

The simple rule of thumb is if your pipes come up, you’re angled. If they come out, you’re cornered.

Why Choose a Brass Radiator Valve?

You will want a brass radiator valve if you’re aiming to spruce up the look of a radiator in a room. The design of the radiator and the valve play a big part. Brass valves are best suited to being used on classically designed radiators, especially if you’re purchasing a cast iron radiator.

Your radiator’s finish also needs to be taken in to account. If, for example, you have an exposed or metallic finish on your radiator, a brass valve will blend in quite nicely. On the other hand, if you have a black flat panel or designer radiator, a brass valve won’t match the look of the radiator. You’d be looking for a sleek black valve in this instance.

Other factors would include:

  • Your radiator budget.
  • Radiator size.
  • Radiator colour.
  • Room interior.
  • Colour of nearby fixtures and fittings.

What Types of Brass Radiator Valve are Available?

Within the range, we have two distinct types of valve.

The traditional brass valve with a manual tap is as close to a classical valve as you can get and is bidirectional to help make installation easier.

Our Belgravia and Balmoral valves have a feature tap on top of the valve to add a little character; the Belgravia style, in particular, is proving popular with customers who love the real wood handle.

Our brass thermostatic valves are a great idea if you have a space you find yourself needing to adjust the temperature throughout the day.

Completing The Look

When you find the right valve, don’t forget to check if you also need to purchase matching pipe sleeves and pipe reducers. They help add the finishing touches to your look, rather than having your nice new brass valves screwed onto white or grey pipes.

Trade Radiators Delivery Guarantee

With every product purchased on site, we aim to deliver it anywhere in the UK as quickly as possible. If you’re purchasing valves by themselves, we recommend ordering before 2pm to qualify for FREE next working day delivery.

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