Copper Radiator Valves

One of the most distinct tones you can have on a radiator valve, copper valves are seen as the closest you can get to having an ornate and antique look around your radiators. If you’re looking for new valves with a classic design, we have a small range available at Trade Radiators that is extremely popular with customers.

If you want a nice looking valve with traditional features and thermostatic capabilities, these are the ideal product to get when you want a good level of control over the heat output you need in a space. With our price guarantee and the quality of the product, we’re certain you’ll be delighted when your new copper valves arrive.

How Do I Know What Copper Radiator Valve to Get?

The main point to consider, before even thinking about the design, is the practicality of the valve you need. You need to know how your piping goes into your radiator to know which kind of valve to get.

We have angled and cornered copper valves in stock. You would need an angled valve whenever your pipes come up through the floor, and you need to place a right-angled bend going into your radiator. You need a cornered valve when pipes come through a wall, and you need a clean corner into your radiator.

Other factors that influence what type of valve you need include:

  • Your decorating budget
  • Whether your radiator is the right type for a copper valve
  • The colour of your radiator  (e.g. white and copper won’t mix well)
  • Radiator design  (contemporary designs and copper valves don’t look fantastic together)
  • Room interior (do the fixtures and fittings have a similar look that would be enhanced?)

When Can Copper Valves Improve my Room?

A lot of our customers are those who run cafes and restaurants. With recent trends in décor shifting towards filament bulbs, exposed pipes and copper wiring on lights, copper valves fit in perfectly in creating that traditional but refreshing look we’re seeing more and more.

Copper also works fantastically if you have any design elements in your room that have a rose gold finish.

Which Radiator Type Do Copper Valves Look Best With?

Due to the tap design, we would recommend looking at some of our cast iron radiators to find a perfect match.

If you’re considering a valve like the copper Balmoral antique valve, a radiator from the Neo-Georgian or Regent Cast Iron selections make ideal partners.

High Quality Copper Valves

All of the bass valves within this small selection are TRV as standard, providing a high level of quality control over your heat output. With a 2-year guarantee on valves, we can promise they’ll work fantastically from the minute they’re installed.

Price Match Guarantee on Valves

Every copper valve, and all the valves we sell on site come with a price guarantee. Simply find the same model of a valve for sale somewhere else online, and we’ll match it as part our of guarantee to provide customers throughout the UK with the best deals on radiators and valves.

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