Corner Radiator Valves

With limitations, the corner can often be an awkward and frustrating location to have a valve placed.  When you’re replacing valves or installing a new system and need to have it in a corner, you don’t want to be encumbered by bad valve placement.

Here at Trade Radiators, we can help you find the right type of corner radiator valve for any room, especially when space is at a premium and you need to have easy access to a valve.

With a range to suit all finishes and space saving design in mind, we can help provide practical solutions when you need a corner valve.

How Do I Know What Corner Radiator Valve to Buy?

Some factors determining whether you need a corner valve include:

  • Radiator type
  • Radiator location
  • Radiator size
  • Pipe location

We would recommend you take time to consider whether you’d want to have matching pipe sleeves and pipe reducers to give your installation a more complete look.

Why Choose a Corner Radiator Valve?

The main reason customers need a corner valve will be due to the location of a radiator’s pipe intake. In most homes your pipe intake will come from the floor, meaning that a straight valve can be used to connect a radiator directly.

However, when your intake is from the wall or ceiling, you’ll most likely need the pipe to come in from an angle. In this case, you’d need a corner radiator valve. This helps your system to connect in at a 90-degree angle.

Many customers now prefer corner and angled thermostatic valves due to their ease of access, with this simple feature saving on the amount of exposed pipework around a radiator.

What Radiators Work and Look Best With Corner Valves?

Corner valves wok easily with any radiator type we sell and come in many finishes.

A good time to buy one is when you are looking to buy a towel rail. Any heated towel rail where you’ll have a base entry and exit would be best suited to having a corner valve that can sit parallel with the radiator design, rather than sticking out awkwardly.

When installed discretely, it will help the radiator’s appearance immensely.

Great Value Corner Radiators Valves For Every Room

We provide high-quality corner radiator valves that offer great value and a guarantee they’ll work fantastically when installed.

Whether you need a minimalistic finish for a radiator in the kitchen, need to control the heat in a bedroom with a simple white valve or want a touch a class with one of the ornate Belgravia radiator valves, we’ll have the right corner valve for any room you need once installed.

Price Match Guarantee On Your Purchase

At Trade Radiators we strive to provide the best radiator products online at the best price possible. With our price match guarantee, you can rest assured that the same corner valve on sale here isn’t available for a better price anywhere else online.

Match that with our fast delivery across the UK, and you’ll have the valves you need in no time at all.

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