Dual Fuel Radiator Valves

Switching any radiator from a traditional to dual fuel system doesn’t have to be taxing and time-consuming. Dual fuel options make life a little easier, and at Trade Radiators we have some excellent dual fuel radiator valves to help you get a radiator ready for anything without having to modify your set-up.

Shop the range today and find out more about our radiator valves.

How do I know which Dual Fuel radiator valve to buy?

Make sure you pick a valve that matches the entry type of your dual fuel radiator.

You’ll notice that the current range is small but manages to cover all bases. We wanted to provide dual-fuel valves that are adaptable to whichever way have your radiators installed.

The Pisa Corner Lockshield Dual Fuel set is a simple and effective valve set that is best used on towel rails that have pipes coming directly from the wall. Due to their design, you don’t need to buy a T-Piece.

The Pisa Dual Fuel TRV is excellent if you love having control over the heat of a radiator. This valve works best when you have a dual fuel system in a busy room like the kitchen or living room where you might need to tinker a little to get the temperature just right throughout the year.

Trade Direct Chrome Angled Lockshield valves are our own brand set with a plain manual valve for simplicity. 

Why choose a Dual Fuel radiator valve?

You’ll want one of these valves when you’ve purchased a dual fuel radiator, or if you’re looking to convert a system, so it is adaptable for dual fuel.

These kinds of valves allow for a heating element to be added and give you the flexibility to choose how you heat a space.

What radiators work best with Dual Fuel valves?

Dual Fuel valves like that are generally best used with dual fuel towel rails. We have a range with different rail types, element choices, colours and styles.

Value-for-money radiators valves

You shouldn’t have to pay a lot for a radiator valve, especially if you need one in a hurry to help finish an installation.

At Trade Radiators, we aim to provide high-quality dual fuel valves at the best price possible. As an online-only store, we cut out the middle man and can sell you valves at the best price you’ll find online. That’s why we have our price promise for customers.

Remember that if you’re thinking of getting dual fuel radiators installed to check that your current set-up is adaptable and it is cost-effective. In some cases (especially when pipework needs to be carried out) costs can rack up. If you need a radiator, we recommend taking a look at some of our electric heating options.

Free delivery fast

We aim to get dual fuel valves to your door as quickly as possible. If you order a new valve before 2 pm, we’ll aim to have it delivered by the next working day.

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