Manual Radiator Valves

A valve that requires minimal optimisation or interruption; if you have a modern home heating system that is self-regulating, or you use a smart device to control heating in rooms, a simple manual radiator valve will keep everything running smoothly.

Trade Radiators has a fantastic range of manual radiator valves to suit all tastes and radiator designs. Whether you’re modernising your home to a minimalist look, or are looking to have a more traditional design when it comes to how you radiators are presented.

With our price guarantee and high-quality products, we’re certain you’ll find the right valve here.

What Exactly is a Manual Radiator Valve?

A manual valve is one with a simple on/off function using a lockshield inside to determine whether a radiator stays on or not.

Are All Radiator Valves Manual?

No. The other type of valve you can get is a thermostatic (TRV) valve.

What is the Difference Between a Manual and Thermostatic Valve?

While manual valves simply dictate if you want a radiator on or off, a thermostatic valve controls radiator temperature based on the level you set it (this ranges from one to five on the dial). A TRV valve has a thermostat inside, and when it reaches the temperature you’ve determined on the dial, it will turn off and not pump hot water through a radiator again until the temperature goes down again.

Should I Get a Thermostatic Valve Instead of a Manual Valve?

If you have to control temperature from room to room all the time, it would be best to buy a thermostatic valve.

If your home heating needs to be controlled centrally, and you don’t want to interfere with your radiators, a manual valve is best.

What Kind of Manual Valve Do I Need?

We sell straight, angled and cornered valves. If your piping goes right in your radiator or towel rail without needing to bend, you should look at our straight manual valves.

If the piping comes from your floor or ceiling, requiring a bend in the system to get in the radiator, an angled valve is needed. And if you have pipes coming right out of the wall, get a cornered valve to avoid any unnecessary pipe work needing to be carried out.

What Style of Manual Valve Should I Get?

We would recommend getting a valve that matches the colour of your radiator, so the whole set-up looks complete.

You can see we have minimalist valves that work fantastically with column radiators and towel rails, anthracite valves to match some of the designer radiators on offers, and traditional valves that suit our unique range of cast iron radiators.

What Finish do Manual Valves Come in?

Manual valves come in almost every finish imaginable, including:

  • Chrome
  • Satin Nickel
  • Black Nickel
  • Jet Black
  • Anthracite
  • Antique Brass
  • Brass

If you need help determining which finish you need, use the chat box on the corner of this page, and one of the team will help you find what you need.

Great Value Radiator Valves

Trade Radiators is committed to providing radiators and valves at the best price possible. We want to guarantee all our customers get the products they need at the price they deserve.

If you find the same model of manual valve available elsewhere at a better price, we will match it as part of our price match guarantee.

Our Delivery Guarantee

For anyone buying valves today, if you order by 2pm, we will try and get it delivered wherever you need in the UK by next working day delivery, for free.

Bear in mind; if you’re purchasing valves as part of an order that includes a new radiator, it may take a few days for the valves to arrive.

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