Modern Radiator Valves

It’s incredible what can happen when you spruce up the fixtures and fittings of a room. Adding those new little touches to something ordinary can add a big difference to the overall look of a room.

One of the easiest places to enact a positive change sits quite humbly on the side of our radiators. If you’re in the process of getting new radiators for a room, don’t forget about also getting yourself some modern looking radiator valves. Not only will they help the radiator look better, but they also help make the surrounding space look new too.

With the amazing quality and unbeatable price of the modern radiator valves we have on offer at Trade Radiators, you’ll soon have some fantastic valves taking pride of place. It all starts with knowing what you can get.

How Do I Know Which Modern Radiator Valve to Buy?

We recommend going off what your radiator looks like. If you are buying valves for an existing radiator, take in to account the placement of the valves, the colour of the wall and the colour of the radiator. While our anthracite radiator valves will look great matched with an anthracite Nevo radiator, the same colour valve wouldn’t look as good paired with a traditional white column radiator.

Other factors to help know what valve is right for you include:

  • Your decorating budget
  • The radiator type
  • The radiator finish and whether there is a valve to match
  • The placement of the radiator
  • The room interior and existing décor

Why Choose a Modern Manual Radiator Valve?

We are specialists when it comes to radiator valves, and our modern valves are no exception. Some customers prefer to keep their radiator set-up looking as minimal as possible. If this is the case in your bathroom or kitchen, you’ll want to get a minimalist manual valve. Coming in satin, black or chrome finish, these are smaller valves that are simple to use and are great if you have a straight installation you don’t want to interfere with.

For anyone who needs a valve that can control the temperature of the room throughout the day, one of our modern thermostatic valves will work wonders. Customers looking for an ultra-modern look prefer the likes of the thermostatic black nickel angled valve and the chrome angled square radiator valves.

What Radiators Suit a Modern Look?

If you are redecorating a space and want that ultra-modern look where radiators can blend in seamlessly, we would recommend taking a look at the Trade Direct range of Anthracite Aphex aluminium radiators. It is a very trendy finish right now and has a fantastic heat output without taking up much space.

Some of our designer radiators from brands like Paladin and Reina may give some inspiration on what is capable.

Modern Valves at Great Price

It doesn’t cost a lot to give your radiators an enhanced modern look. We offer all our radiator valves at the best price possible for customers in the UK. With our special Price Match Promise, if you find the same valves for a better price elsewhere, we’ll aim to match it as a commitment to you, our customer.

Get Your Valve on Time

All valve orders made at Trade Radiators come with next day delivery when ordered before 2pm. If you’re purchasing valves along with a radiator, it may take a few days to arrive based on the make and model of the radiator.

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