Pewter Radiator Valves

Having a lovely shade of pewter that leans towards grey, silver or dark blue, whichever way you look at it, our range of pewter radiator valves are high quality and work fantastic with any central heating system.

If you’re after a valve with a little bit of class that fits in perfectly with a cast iron or raw metal radiator installation, pewter would be the look for you.

What Type of pewter valves do you have?

The type of pewter radiator valve you’ll want to buy depends on how you want the valve to perform.

For anyone who wants a simple valve they can turn on and off whenever they need to, a traditional manual valve will be what you want. You can see in the images which valves are marked as manual or thermostatic, simply use the filter option on the left.

Thermostatic valves are incredibly popular but don’t always have to have that large white plastic lid on top. You’ll notice that the thermostatic pewter valves we have on offer show the numbers discreetly and come in both a modern and traditional finish. We recommend going for the modern look if you’re buying a contemporary styled radiator or towel rail.

How do I know what pewter radiator valve to buy?

The shape of the valve you need will depend on how your radiator or towel rail needs to be installed.

Angled valves are the most well-known in the UK, and we have over 11 styles available right now. When your radiator pipes come through the floor, and you need a right-angled valve to complete installation, you’ll want an angled valve.

If you’re buying a towel rail or column radiator and want the pipes to go directly through the bottom of the rail without a bend, you’ll want a straight pewter radiator valve. The West Commodore is a good straight manual valve, while the West Admiral works very well as a straight thermostatic valve.

When pipes come directly out of the wall, you need to get a pewter corner valve that has a horizontal connection. The Trade Direct modern thermostatic pewter valve is one of the best options in the range at just £40, although it does sell out quickly when new stock arrives.

Why choose a Pewter Radiator Valve?

There are many reasons for wanting to get a pewter radiator valve, including:

  • Trying to match the colour of your radiator
  • The general décor of the room
  • The budget you have set aside for radiator valves

What radiators best suit a pewter radiator valve?

Pewter valves are best suited for complementing the installation of raw metal and cast iron radiators. Raw metal radiators have a very distinctive finish so most of the West manual pewter valves would fit in nicely.

Within cast iron radiators there are many shades and styles to choose from. If you like the tone and look of pewter, cast iron styles to look at would include the Sloane and Pimlico radiators.

Need help finding the right radiator valve?

Not sure which style of valve would work best with your ideal radiator? You can avoid getting overwhelmed by getting in touch directly with the Trade Radiators customer service team.

Click the chat icon on the corner of the page to be put straight through to one of our radiator experts who will guide you through the world of valves and help you pick the right one.

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