Radbot Radiator Valves

A relative newcomer to the radiator world, it isn’t often you’ll hear us describe a product as a “nifty piece of kit”, but there’s no better way to let you know just how good Radbot radiator valves are.

Their valves take a bit of mystery surrounding how we use radiator valves, especially thermostatic valves, and make it easier than ever to keep every room in our home at just the right temperature.

Shop the current range of Radbot radiator valves we have in stock here at Trade Radiators and see if it will be a perfect fit for your radiators.

What are Radbot radiator valves?

Radbot is a brand which specialises in creating a new type of smart radiator valve. Many on the market will require some form of external power source or connection to a hub via your home’s Wi-Fi. Radbot valves do not rely on this at all. You simply replace an existing thermostatic valve with Radbot, and it gets to work right away.

How do Radbot valves work?

It is best to think of Radbot valves as a sensor. Inside the head of every valve is a sensor which detects the brightness in a room. If you pardon the expression, when the lights are off and no one is home, Radbot will lower itself to reduce heat output while the heating is on. When the lights are on, and someone is in a room, the valve detects as such and increases heat output.

Do Radbots work on their own?

Yes. When you install a Radbot valve, it will act independently by default. This can prove beneficial if you don’t have a smart heating system and would like a more practical approach to heating spaces. They do not connect to your Wi-Fi and rely on batteries inside the valve for power. The batteries inside will usually last for two years before they need replacing.

What colours do Radbot radiator valves come in?

Valves come in white as standard.

What makes Radbot different from a regular thermostatic valve?

It’s easiest to think of your thermostatic valve like a tap. When you turn your taps on to a certain level, the flow remains constant even if you’re not there. A Radbot valve will figure out if someone is in the room and turn that flow down; something regular thermostatic valves can’t do.

Are Radbot valves easy to install?

Yes, they can be installed without any special work needing to be done. You simply take off your existing valve and pop Radbot on. Each box comes with some adaptors to help you fit the valve on pretty much any radiator.

If you’re curious to see how installation works, we recommend watching this video.

What do the numbers on a Radbot Radiator Valve mean?

The numbers are just the same as those you’d get on a traditional thermostatic radiator valve.

Can I use Radbot valves on electric radiators?

Sadly not. These valves are only made to work on traditional home heating systems.

What if a room is too cold when Radbot is on?

There is a boost button on top of the valve which, when pressed, will automatically raise the valve setting to boost heat output for half an hour. After that, it will go back to the setting you had the valve at without needing to readjust anything.

Do these valves allow for zonal heating?

They do. If you have more than one Radbot, you can set a specific temperature in any room one is installed. This could come in handy in spaces like your living room if your original thermostatic valve were prone to overheating the space.

Find out more about Radiator Valves

Check out our Complete Guide to Radiator Valves to get advice and tips on purchasing radiator valves if this is your first time buying valves. The guide has helpful buying advice as well as tips on how to install and look after valves.

When Will My Radbot Radiator Valve Arrive?

Most Radbot valves are ready for next working day delivery when ordered before 3 pm. Remember, all orders at Trade Radiators come with free delivery.

Getting the best price on a Radbot radiator valve

Trade Radiators is all about providing value for money, but this doesn’t mean you are getting anything less than exceptional quality. That’s why we have price guarantees in place for all radiator valves and accessories sold on-site, Radbot included.

Read our Price Match Guarantee to find out more on how you can save when you shop at Trade Radiators. 

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