Radiator Pipe Sleeves

An oft-overlooked feature that can make the difference between your radiator installation looking complete or feeling a little off when you take a step back, the humble nature of the radiator pipe sleeve can have a massive impact with minimal effect.

Trade Radiators stocks one of the most extensive ranges of radiator pipe sleeves you’ll find from an online UK retailer. With sleeves suitable for every radiator style and in numerous finishes, you’ll be able to find the right pair in no time at all; especially with free delivery on all products.

How do I know which Radiator Pipe Sleeves to buy?

We have nearly 30 types of sleeves currently in stock and knowing which one to buy needn’t be difficult.

When choosing the right sleeves, some factors to consider would include:

  • Your budget
  • Your radiator style and finish
  • Radiator colour
  • Wall and skirting board colour
  • Radiator style
  • Room interior
  • Material

What size of radiator sleeve do I need?

All the sleeves in this range are 130mm high as standard. Most radiators average anywhere from six inches to one foot off the ground. We provide sleeves in this length so they can be cut to size accordingly.

What radiator sleeve colour should I get?

You will either want to get a sleeve that matches the colour/finish of your radiator or get sleeves that match the colour of existing fittings like your plug sockets and light switches.

We also advise against getting sleeves that will be a completely different colour from your radiator and valves as it can make your radiator installation look a little peculiar. If you currently have basic plugs on your radiator and would like a valve that matches your sleeves, take a look at our range of radiator valves by finish. We have a thorough range of valves with finishes including chrome, brass, copper and satin, amongst others.

What material are radiator pipe sleeves made of?

The pipe sleeves we have on offer will either be made from brass or nickel.

What colour do radiator pipe sleeves come in?

Sleeves come in the following colours:

  • Brushed Copper
  • White
  • Black
  • Anthracite
  • Chrome
  • Brass
  • Pewter
  • Antique Copper
  • Nickel (Satin and Black)

How do I get cheap radiator sleeves?

We try to provide sleeves at the best price possible. That’s why our range suits all budgets. If you were looking for a cheap pair of sleeves, something like the Trade Direct range has nearly a dozen styles available for less than £10.

What other accessories should I consider?

If you want a complete look for any radiator set-up, we recommend getting radiator air vents or having a look at the entire range of radiator accessories we currently have available.

Trade Radiators Delivery Guarantee

You never need to wait around to add the finishing touches to your radiator installation. Most of the range on this page can be shipped next working day delivery if ordered before 2 pm.

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