Shop for Radiator Valves by Type

Getting a new valve is usually the last thing on your mind when buying new radiators but picking the right one can be the difference between having a perfect radiator set-up at home and a radiator that doesn’t work to its potential.

At Trade Radiators we have the widest range of radiator valves available online; from simple manual valves that get the job done to modern styled valves that look fantastic with towel rails and designer radiators.

Shop the range of valves right here and find out more about the various styles we have available.

How do I know what type of radiator valve to buy?

Can’t tell your thermostatic from your TRV (they’re the same thing)? Don’t know whether your living room needs a straight or angled valve?

Knowing what type of radiator valve to buy can help avoid headaches and make installation go without a hitch. 

Radiator valve types include:

  • Angled
  • Corner
  • Dual Fuel
  • Manual
  • Modern
  • Straight
  • Thermostatic
  • Traditional

When would I need an angled radiator valve?

The most common radiator valve you’ll find in the UK. When pipes come out of the floor, an angled valve makes the 90-degree connection to the radiator.

When would I need a corner radiator valve?

When your pipes come out of the wall a few inches up, you’ll need a right angle entry into the radiators, and this pipe style helps out.

When would I need a dual fuel radiator valve?

Adapting a radiator for a dual fuel system is easier with the right valve. We have a small range here but have one for every valve shape you’d find at home.

When would I need a manual radiator valve?

In rooms where you never have to play about with the temperature and need a radiator on or off,  a simple manual valve works.

When would I need a modern radiator valve?

If you’re buying a designer radiator or a radiator in a black or anthracite finish, a modern valve will look perfect.

When would I need a straight radiator valve?

If your radiator pipes come out of the floor and straight into your radiator, you’ll need a straight radiator valve.

When would I need a thermostatic radiator valve?

Ideal for rooms you want a greater degree of temperature control in, we always recommend thermostatic (TRV) valves in the likes of your kitchen and living room. When you have space you use all the time that might even need a little heat in the summer, TRV is the way to go.

When would I need a traditional radiator valve?

Traditional valves, especially those with a lacquered handle, lend themselves best to cast iron radiators or any with a raw metal finish.

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