Silver Radiator Valves

At Trade Radiators we have a fantastic range of radiator valves that wouldn’t look out of place in any room. When you’re working with new spaces, it’s quite a common sight to have silver pipes and fittings in a room. If this is the case, and you want to keep the central theme of the room tied together, you should consider purchasing silver radiator valves.

Silver valves can add a little shine and help modernise the look of an existing radiator. If you’re looking for silver valves, we have a small range available on our site.

It all depends on what type of valve you like the look of.

What Type of Silver Valves are on Offer?

The majority of our silver products are thermostatic radiator valves, commonly referred to as TRVs.

A TRV helps to control the temperature of a specific room by using an internal thermostat inside the valve. When it reaches the desired temperature, the valve will expand and slow down the flow of water into a radiator.

This type of valve is very common in houses where you want to control the temperature from room to room, or be able to adjust the temperature easily based on the seasons.

How Do I Know What Silver Radiator Valve to Buy?

There are three types of shape a silver valve can come in. Knowing which one to get involves knowing your current radiator set-up.

  • Silver angled valves are the most common type of valve you get in homes. Most of us have pipes that come up through the floor to connect to the radiator and need a valve with a bend that lets you pipe into the bottom of a radiator.
  • Straight silver valves need to be used when you’re connecting your radiator vertically without a bend. This is a common sight if you have a towel rail installed and want the valve under the rail rather than to the side.
  • Silver cornered valves have to be installed when your radiator pipes come out horizontally from the wall (i.e. off the ground). These valves help provide a clean right angle intake rather than needing to get new pipework carried out.

Why Choose a Silver Radiator Valve?

There are many reasons for wanting to get a silver radiator valve.

They can include:

  • The colour of your radiator
  • Whether or not your radiator has a shiny finish
  • The general décor of the room
  • The budget you have for radiator valves

What Radiators Best Suit a Silver Valve?

Silver valves are best suited for use with silver radiators and towel rails.

If you’re looking for a well-made model, we recommend taking a look at the range of Trade Direct 22mm Bar and Silver Heated Towel Rails that look perfect in bathrooms. The corner valves work best when you’re looking to “hang” you radiator up high on a wall, while a straight silver valve is best suited when you want a taller towel rail that almost goes from the floor to ceiling.

Best Price Online for Silver Valves

Trade Radiators offer some of the highest quality radiator valves in the UK at unbeatable prices, while retaining the highest level of quality possible.

Whether you’re after a silver valve or want an entirely new radiator, we’ll have exactly what you need at the best price online to provide an affordable way to enhance the appearance of any room.

Delivery Guarantee from Trade Radiators

When you order a silver radiator valve from Trade Radiators, we will ship it as soon as possible. Order before 2 pm and get free next working day delivery on your valves.

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