Straight Radiator Valves

The quickest and oldest way of getting radiators connected, a straight radiator valve is the most practical solution when you have pipework running along a wall and want to get a radiator connected with as little fuss as possible.

Here at Trade Radiators we stock a wide selection of straight radiator valves for you to choose from.

What Types of Straight Radiator Valve Do You Sell?

Our range of straight valves includes minimalist, traditional, square and thermostatic designs.

These valves are suitable on all radiator types we sell on site. If you’re unsure what type of radiator you have or what valve you need, get in touch with online chat support by clicking the chat icon on this page.

What Finishes Do Straight Radiator Valves Come In?

We provide a great range of finishes to suit all looks. These include:

  • Chrome
  • Satin Nickel
  • Black Nickel
  • Anthracite
  • White
  • Silver
  • Black Plastic

The type you choose can depend on taste, but we suggest picking a valve that will compliment your radiator and any surrounding fittings in the room.

How Do I Know if I Need a Straight Radiator Valve?

Knowing if you need this valve type is quite simple.

If your pipework comes directly from the floor or is already angled, you can use a straight valve to go directly into the radiator.

If your pipework comes from the floor, wall or ceiling at an angle, you’ll need to get angled radiator valves instead.

Why Choose a Straight Radiator Valve?

You would choose this type of valve when functionality comes in to play. If your pipes are straight up, this is a simpler option than having pipework done to fit an angled or corner valve.

What Radiators Work Best With Straight Radiator Valves?

To keep the look as minimal as possible, straight valves work best with towel rails. Because of their design and versatility in terms of placement, it makes it easier to have a straight pipe intake and also takes up less room. This works wonders when you want to save floor space somewhere like your bathroom or hallway.

If you are installing a straight valve in a room where you like to keep close attention to temperature, we would recommend a straight thermostatic valve.

Quality Radiators Valves

All the valves we sell on site come with a 2-year guarantee and are bidirectional to make the installation go without hiccups (although we do suggest that thermostatic valves are fitted with the head on the inflow due to the product requirements).

We offer a high-quality finish on all our valves and promise they’ll perform perfectly, keeping your heating system working optimally.

Price Match Guarantee

All valves on site are priced with VAT included and free delivery, so you don’t have to worry about hidden extras in your basket when you get to check out.

If you find the same model of straight radiator valve on another site for a better price, we will happily match the price as a guarantee.

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