Thermostatic Radiator Valves

Keeping your home toasty and warm yet energy efficient just got a whole lot easier thanks to the huge array of thermostatic radiator valves available from Trade Radiators.  

A thermostatic valve means you can adjust the temperature of your radiator with just a simple twist. The easy to read numbers will accurately keep track of how much heat your radiator is putting out.

The valve works by setting a maximum temperature for your radiator. When this temperature is reached the valve shuts, stopping the flow of hot water into the radiator so the temperature remains constant.

How Do I Know What Radiator Valve to Buy?

When choosing the right thermostatic valve you will want to consider two things:

  • Do you need an angled, straight or corner valve?
  • What finish will best match the radiator you are putting it onto?

The need for an angled, straight or corner valve will depend on the type radiator that you have. However the good news is that all of the valves are bidirectional so you can install them on either side of your radiator.

When it comes to finish you have a huge range of options to choose from. White, Black, anthracite, chrome, silver and even an antique looking brass finish. Match the valve to your radiator or go with a contrasting finish for a unique look.

Why Choose a Thermostatic  Radiator Valve?

When you want to be assured of keeping a room at a specific temperature a thermostatic valve is the perfect choice.

A nursery is the perfect example of a room that you would want to keep at a consistent temperature. With this type of valve, the room will never fall below the temperature that you choose so you can sleep soundly at night knowing there will be no dip in temperature. 

What Radiators Look Best With This Valve?

Because there are so many different valve finishes to choose from you have lots of options when it comes to finding a matching radiator.

The streamlined design of the valves mean they are perfectly suited to our range of designer radiators. The rounded tops make them the perfect for contour radiators.

Can I Get Quality and Value For Money?

We work hard to bring you the best value for money, but this doesn’t mean you are getting anything less than exceptional quality. We use our years of experience in the industry to bring you valves from brands and suppliers that we trust.

We are so confident of our prices that everything we sell is backed by our Price Match Guarantee.

When Will My Radiator Valve Arrive?

Order your valve before 2pm and you will receive it the very next working day. Best of all, delivery is always free. When you need a valve fast make Trade Radiators your first stop!

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