West Radiator Valves

One of the most renowned names in the valve world, Trade Radiators is delighted to stock over 140 radiator valves from West. With precise attention to detail, high quality in every product and valves made for both manual and thermostatic models, we are delighted to offer visitors the chance to get the right kind of valve for any radiator setup.

Take a look at the range today and see if the ideal valve is here for you.

Can I control the heat output of a West radiator valve?

Whether you’re someone who likes to keep a close eye on their heating or wants simple solutions, we have valves to suit.

Many of manual valves available give you complete control over a radiator’s heating, while the thermostatic valves have a level of self-regulation that keeps any space at your ideal temperature.

What type of West valves do I need to get?

West creates a dynamic range suitable for any radiator installation, although, if you’re not familiar with the valve direction you have, it helps to know, so you don’t purchase the incorrect product.

Most homes across the country need angled valves whenever pipes come out of the floor and have to connect to the radiator at a 90° angle.

If you are going to have pipes come from the floor straight into the bottom of the radiator or towel rail, a straight valve is needed.

On the rare chance your pipes come out horizontally from the wall and require a right angle connection that way, you will be looking for corner valves. We have over 30 in stock in many unique styles and finishes.

What finishes do West radiator valves come in?

West is known for the wide variety of finishes they offer. We think they have some of the best shades and colours you’ll get on a designer radiator valve. Finishes you can get include:

  • Brushed copper
  • Old English brass
  • Polished brass
  • Polished Copper
  • Polished Nickel
  • Un-lacquered brass
  • White
  • Anthracite
  • Chrome
  • Pewter
  • Antique copper
  • Antique brass
  • Black nickel
  • Satin nickel

Why choose a West Radiator Valve?

There are many reasons for wanting to get a West radiator valve, including:

  • You want your valves to match the look of your installation
  • You want a no-fuss heating solution
  • You appreciate a high-quality product that lasts

Can I get a cheap radiator valve from West?

High quality doesn’t always mean having to pay a high price. West has manual valves available for under £25, with the mini range of Apex angled valves in chrome a great choice at just £15.

What radiators best suit a west radiator valve?

The range is so dynamic that West create valves for petty much any radiator look. While you’ll see plenty of pewter and brassy tones on these pages, they do also have valves that favour traditional and modern design.

If you have a simple white radiator and want a conventional look, the West Delta thermostatic valve in white looks fantastic. For someone installing something like a chrome heated towel rail in the bathroom or kitchen, the straight West Realm Twin is a great straight valve choice that doesn’t feel cumbersome.

Need help finding the right radiator valve?

Trade Radiators have radiator valves to suit all styles and budgets.

 If you have a particular colour in mind, we recommend looking at valves by finish. If you are new to this area and don’t know what shape you should get, you can also shop for radiator valves by type to see if you want a classic or modern look from your radiator installation.

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