White Radiator Valves

The most common type of radiator valve you’ll find in the UK and one that matches pretty much any interior, a classic white radiator valve will always look good when you need one to help your radiator work as well as it can.  When you need a basic looking valve that just does its job perfectly, this is the type of valve you need.

Trade Radiators has a small range of white thermostatic valves available that will see you take control of your heat output with a great looking valve.

With our commitment to price and delivery, you know you’re getting the best deal online as well.

When to Buy a White Radiator Valve

Knowing when and why you’d need a new radiator valve is important. It could be that your existing valve isn’t working as it should; wasting energy and money on your system. Or you could find yourself with an outdated valve that doesn’t match the look and feel of a room.

Our range of white radiator valves have been designed to look functional and discrete, simply there to get the job done and not get in the way.

Which Type of White Radiator Valve Do I Need?

We provide valves in three shapes depending on how your piping is set up.

Do your pipes go from the floor and straight into a radiator or towel rail without the need for a bend? You will have to get a straight white radiator valve that doesn’t require any changes in your set-up.

Do your pipes come up from the floor, and you need a right angle valve to pump in? You need to get a white angled radiator valve. These are the most common for radiators in the UK.

Do your pipes come out from the wall, leaving a gap under the radiator? In this case, you would need a white corner radiator valve. These help eliminate the need for any new pipework to be carried out.

What is a White TRV Valve?

TRV mean thermostatic. All the white valves we sell are thermostatic by default. These are simply numbered valves that help you control the flow of hot water into a radiator. The higher the number, the warmer your radiator will get.

TRV valves are common in rooms where you would expect a lot of temperature fluctuation (your kitchen for example) and would want to ensure you’re not wasting energy keeping the radiator running.

Why Pick a White Radiator Valve?

White valves are very common because we mostly have white radiators in our homes, and it’s better to have the valves match, as opposed to stand out.

Some things to think about when you’re choosing a white radiator valve include:

  • The price
  • The radiator type
  • The radiator colour
  • The room interior

What Radiators Look Best With a White Valve?

White valves are most common when you’re working with a convector radiator, as they’re most commonly white, as well as with column radiators.

We would recommend having a look at your pipes too. If you’ve been redecorating or your pipe colour doesn’t match the look and feel of your new radiator, you can always get matching pipe sleeves when selecting your preferred valve.

The Best Quality & Price

Trade Radiators offer some of the highest quality radiator valves in the UK at bargain prices. We strive to provide high-quality products, and our white valves are no exception.

Our radiators and valves are an inexpensive way to enhance the look of a room that has been dragged down by a dull looking radiator set-up.

Trade Radiators Delivery Guarantee

Ordering valves on their own? If you place your order before 2 pm, we aim to get it on next working day delivery, so you don’t have to wait around to get a radiator working.

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