Radiators on Offer at Trade Radiators

At Trade Radiators we want everyone to find the ideal radiator for any space, whether you’re looking for a no-fuss simple heating solution to the box bedroom upstairs, or fancy updating your old bathroom panel radiator for a sleek new chrome towel rail.

With the best range of radiators you’ll find from any UK store, better delivery and our unique price promise, we aim to help any room across the country get the radiator it deserves. It all starts with knowing what you need from a new radiator.

Shop the Range

Shop our extensive range of quality radiators by what matters to you most. Whether you’re looking for a specific style of radiator, such as column or designer, or a particular colour to suit your home’s interior, Trade Radiators has something to suit you.

Shop by Size

From finding space in the downstairs toilet to figuring out how to heat your living room, size plays a significant role in the radiator you’ll be buying. With every type of radiator we sell at Trade Radiators, you’ll be able to filter your options by size.

Our range starts at just 300mm high and goes all the way to 1800mm and 1800mm wide.

Shop by Style

How the radiator looks is arguably the most significant decision you make when buying a radiator.

We have an unbeatable range of radiator styles to match any room and everyone’s interior tastes. You can find a dynamic range of column radiators, stand out cast-iron models, vertical rails that save space or traditional radiators that use the latest build technology to work magically.

And don’t forget we always have an extensive range of the humble convector radiator when you want a simple radiator that works efficiently and blends in.

Shop by Heating Requirement

Different homes have different heating requirements.  You don’t want to be at a loss trying to get a tiny compact radiator heating up your hallway or a 1600mm column radiator leaving a bedroom feeling like a sauna.

You can shop to find the radiator that helps any room find that sweet spot to leave you feely cosy and toasty.

Shop by Finish

When a plain white radiator won’t do, you’ll want a radiator that has a custom finish and specific colour or tone that sets it apart. We stock radiators in a host of finishes including anthracite, black, chrome, silver and raw metal.

We also have some radiators that can optionally be painted whatever colour you want. So if you’ve always wanted a bright pink cast iron radiator or pine green column radiator, we can make it happen and give you the radiator of your dreams.

Shop by Material

Not all radiators are created equal, and it shows when you have different materials to work with. We stock radiators that are made from high-quality steel (the most common in the UK), aluminium, cast iron and even glass.

Shop with Ease

Once you’ve found your perfect radiator, simply add it to your cart and go through our secure checkout. With free and fast UK delivery, you’ll have your chosen radiator in no time at all.