Recommended Radiators By Room

Whether you’re in the middle of redecorating your kitchen and can’t decide if you want a horizontal radiator behind the table over a feature towel rail on the wall, or are fixing up a house for the first time and don’t have a clue about what radiators work best in any room, don’t worry.

Trade Radiators specialise in helping homeowners across the UK get the right radiator for any room. With our extensive range, delivery guarantees and price promise, you won’t find a better place to get new radiators for any room type.

Bedroom Radiators

Bedrooms can be a tricky place to know what type of radiator to get. Size and shape will be the biggest limitations most people have. In a room where every inch of free space is important, you don’t want to have a radiator installed at an awkward angle just because it looks nice.

We’re big advocates on having single panel single convector radiators in the bedroom, especially if you have to have a radiator under a window with a ledge that is also right beside your bed.  If you have space and a larger bedroom, the double panel is the way to go to ensure your bedroom stays toasty.

Bathroom Radiators

Another room that struggles to give you enough space; we believe that it is always best to have the bathroom radiator be as unobtrusive as possible. Heated towel rails are wonderful at helping keep your bathroom a little tidier, and some of the designs we have available will add a unique look to the room.

Living Room Radiators

In most UK homes the living room will be the biggest room and one you spend the most time in. That means you need to get a high performing radiator to keep the space warm. Convector radiators are always the most reliable option we find, especially if you want a non-fuss radiator that will be located behind a sofa.

And for anyone with a curved bay window, we do have Ultraheat curved radiators that can fit in perfectly without taking up valuable floor space.

Kitchen Radiators

Recently many customers have been asking us if it’s perfectly fine to have towel rails in the kitchen. If you have a support wall or narrow wall by an entry in your kitchen, a towel rail or vertical column radiator may be just what you need.

We have a fantastic range of vertical radiators from brands like Reina and DQ that fit in with contemporary designed kitchens.