Bathroom Radiators

Possibly the one room in the house where a radiator is most noticeable, your bathroom needs a radiator that can keep the room cosy and your towels dry and warm. With bathroom radiators from Trade Radiators, never again will you be rushing from bed to avoid a cold snap before hopping in the shower.

Whether you’re having a complete rehaul of your bathroom and want a new fresh radiator that fits in with the new look or you’re finally getting a much-needed heated towel rail, we have a supreme collection of bathroom radiators available on our online catalogue.

Knowing what type of radiator will suit you best starts with understanding what type of bathroom you have to work with.

The Right Type of Radiator for Your Bathroom

At a glance you’ll see we have a highly varied selection of radiators available on our catalogue and there’s a very good reason why; every room is different. While you’ll need a big radiator to heat your living room, a small one for a box room, or a slim one for narrow spaces, your bathroom will tend to need a radiator that covers these essential bases:

  • Suitable for your wall type and location.
  • Suitable for your room type.
  • Suitable for your room size.
  • Wall type and location are important. If your radiator goes against an exterior wall that is always cold, you’ll need a model with a high BTU to counteract the chill.

Bathroom type is also a key factor in picking the right bathroom radiator. If you have a uniquely shaped bathroom, you may need to figure out what radiator would look best if it has to be placed in an unconventional spot, as well how it fits in with other amenities like the toilet, sink, and shower.

What Radiators Work Best in a Small Bathroom?

If you’re working with a very small bathroom, you’ll want to maximise space as best you can with a flat panel radiator that can be as slim as 400mm. For anyone who has a bathroom they struggle to even hang a towel in, seriously consider a heated towel rail, especially a thin ladder style.

What Radiators Work Best in a Large Bathroom?

For larger bathrooms, you’ll want a radiator you can show off with a little. One of our hidden gems are our traditional radiators. These classic designs you won’t easily find in big name stores, and for rooms where you want a radiator to complement the design and fittings, this is a fantastic choice.

What Radiator Brands are Known for Bathroom Radiators?

Pisa would be one of the more renowned names for high quality radiators, especially their exquisite towel rails. Their black towel rails are becoming increasingly popular in bathrooms that are going for a more modern look.

How Can I Get a Cheap Bathroom Radiator?

For anyone on a budget who wants a great bathroom radiator at an unbeatable price, take a look at any of the radiators from our own Trade Direct range, some of which you’ll see on this page. These radiators are fantastic money-savers and have been tried and tested by the Trade Radiators team. Get a lower-priced radiator option for your bathroom without sacrificing quality from our online catalogue today.

Do You Offer Electric Bathroom Radiators?

With the switch over to renewable energy happening on a massive scale in all avenues of life, bathroom electric radiators are becoming an increasingly popular option. 

Here at Trade Radiators, we are proud to offer a range of electrical heating solutions for bathrooms to replace conventional plumbed heaters that have dominated the market for decades.

The most common type of electrical radiator unit for a bathroom are wall-mounted radiators that look very similar to their plumbed counterparts. The only difference is that they will be hooked directly into your home’s electrical wiring (or a plug socket) for their power – not your central heating system.

Electrical radiators work through the heating of a thermodynamic fluid contained with them. This fluid expands as electricity is passed through the system, which causes the generation of heat used to heat the metal surface of the radiator.

However, other types of electrical heating systems can operate within bathrooms. Another common option is underfloor heating elements that are powered with electricity.


Heated towel rails are also another common choice for those who want to switch to an electrical counterpart for their bathroom spaces. These can double down on their functionality by providing the same benefits as an electrical or plumbed radiator but also save valuable floor and wall space.

This is a popular option for smaller bathrooms that have limited space. Heated towel rails aren’t just for towels, as more powerful rails can generate enough heat for the room in a similar fashion to a conventional radiator.

There’s no shortage of options for electrical bathroom heating systems here at Trade Radiators.

What Kind of Finish Should I Get on a Bathroom Radiator?

We always recommend matching your radiator with the fixtures and fittings of your bathroom. If you’re redecorating and know for example that you’ll have chrome taps, you should consider opting for a chrome radiator too.

Our Delivery Guarantee

With every bathroom radiator or towel rail ordered at Trade Radiators, we strive to get it where you want it as quickly as possible. With towel rails we aim for next day delivery, but in the case of electric rails allow an extra day. Also, don’t forget that delivery is completely FREE in mainland UK.