Conservatory Radiators

The last thing you want after spending all that time building a conservatory is to find yourself with a space that won’t heat up or has trouble fitting existing radiators in the space.

There’s no need to worry when you buy conservatory radiators from Trade Radiators. We have a range that will fit in perfectly and have the room just how you like it.

The right type of radiator for your conservatory

Not all conservatories are the same. Some may be in the traditional pentagon or hexagonal wedge shape, while others build-out to allow for more kitchen or dining room space.

While conservatories help create that space, the problem many people have comes from where to place radiators, their size, and how powerful they need to be.

The right type of radiator for your conservatory has to:

  • Fit in without taking up valuable space
  • Provide the right level of heat
  • Match existing/neighbouring radiators
  • Take into consideration if it’s going to be piped in or electric

What radiators work best in a small conservatory?

It’s often the case that when we’re talking about small conservatories, we’re not referring to the size of the space, but rather the limited height we have on the walls; mostly due to opting for large windows in the space.

This usually means you’ll need a small radiator that can pack a punch and are just under 500mm. Customers love the power our 300mm x 1000mm radiators provide, with Apollo and Stelrad making tremendous compact radiators.

What radiators work best in a large conservatory?

In conservatories where you’re leading directly out from the kitchen with a supporting wall, or have space on the wall stretching over and above 1000mm, we recommend two options.

For supporting walls, many of our vertical radiators might help you keep the entire room warm and also free up space for furniture in the conservatory.

For big conservatories where walls wrap around, a curved bay window radiator might suit you better. We trust the Ultraheat models we stock which can stretch from 1000mm to 2200mm.

How do I know what level of heat I need?

Due to the nature of the space, your conservatory will have a unique BTU it needs to hit. 

The plans of your conservatory may list the dimensions you can use right away, or you could grab a tape measure and use our BTU heating calculator to find out which radiator would work best in your conservatory.

How can I get a cheap conservatory radiator?

You can always filter by price on this page, but it helps to know that Trade Direct radiators will usually have the some the best deals within the range. 

Sometimes you’ll also find some convector panel radiators showing up in our radiator clearance section, which is always worth having a look at.

What kind of finish should I get on a convector radiator?

Try and stick with the existing fittings and features of your conservatory. For conservatories with white sills and panes, a white radiator will match.

If the conservatory has had the brick walls plastered and painted white, you can play about with anthracite and brushed finishes to add some character.

Price Match Guarantee

Trade Radiators wants to give you the best deal possible on conservatory radiators. That’s why we have a price match guarantee for all the radiators you see on this page.

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