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Kitchen Radiators
What Radiators Work Best in a Small Kitchen?

For anyone with the kind of kitchen where you struggle for space when making dinner or never can quite fit all the chairs around the table, you’ll want a slimmer radiator like one of our various-sized radiators that you can put up on a wall rather than at ground level. Look out for single-panel radiators if you want a thin one in your kitchen.

What Radiators Work Best in a Large Kitchen?

Open-plan kitchens look great but can be difficult to heat. When that’s the case, you’ll want a radiator with a powerful BTU that has what it takes to heat a big room. 

Aluminium radiators are great in larger kitchens, and we have a range that goes from budget two-panel models all the way to polished designer radiators.

How Can I Get a Cheap Kitchen Radiator?

The cheapest radiators you’ll find on our website come from our own Trade Direct range. These remarkable radiators have been made to our extremely high standards and help you save even more if you’re working on a tight budget. 

We also provide a host of financing options.

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