Kitchen Radiators

Usually the busiest room in any home, a kitchen radiator needs to perform two valid functions: keep a room where people are continually going in and out warm, and not get in the way. Looking for the right kind of radiator can be a bit of a puzzle as everyone has a different kitchen layout.

If you are having trouble finding the right radiator, we hope the range here at Trade Radiators will help you discover the perfect radiator in no time at all. It starts with finding the right type.

The Right Type of Radiator for a Kitchen

Always take a step back and visualise what the space your current radiator occupies looks like and how it fits in with the room. Does the colour match? Is the design just not right? With our range of radiators, you’ll be able to choose anything from a sleek designer radiator that you can show off to an aluminium radiator.

What Radiators Work Best in a Small Kitchen?

For anyone with the kind of kitchen where you struggle for space when making dinner, or never can quite fit all the chairs around the table, you’ll want a slimmer radiator like one of our various sized radiators that you can put up on a wall rather than at ground level. Look out for single panel radiators if you want a thin one in your kitchen.

What Radiators Work Best in a Large Kitchen?

Open plan kitchens look great but can be difficult to heat. When that’s the case, you’ll want a radiator with a powerful BTU that has what it takes to heat a big room (we have a calculator that can help you work out how many BTU’s your room needs here). 

Aluminium radiators are great in larger kitchens, and we have a range that goes from budget two-panel models all the way to polished designer radiators.

Do Trade Radiators Offer Electric Kitchen Radiators?

In modern times, with the switch to renewable energy sources and an increased focus on efficiency, electric kitchen radiators are becoming more popular with homeowners up and down the nation.

At Trade Radiators, we are happy to offer an extensive, efficient range of electric radiators and electrical-based heating solutions for kitchens in all kinds of homes.

Wall-mounted electric radiators are the most common option for homeowners as they look like traditional plumbed radiators but aren’t hooked into a central gas or oil boiler. Instead, they are hooked into your home’s internal wiring to pull electricity directly from your home’s circuits.

Electrical radiators work similarly to plumbed radiators. However, a thermodynamic fluid is used instead of water in an electric radiator. This fluid expands and generates heat as electricity is passed through the system, which will radiate from the metallic surface of the radiator unit.

Other common heating solutions for kitchens include heating trenches and underfloor heating options. Both these solutions are great alternatives to radiators if you are tight on space.

If neither of those options seems viable, and a radiator is just too big for the wall space you have allocated for your heating units – then heated towel rails are a good middle ground to consider.

Heated rails can help heat your kitchen space and dry things like hand towels or even the odd sock if you have a larger than usual laundry load!

We have an abundance of options to choose from here at Trade Radiators if you want to go for an electric option.

What Radiator Brands are Known for Kitchen Radiators?

Quinn radiators are very popular for use in kitchens, especially if you want a no-fuss solution to heating the room. Their single convector models work fantastically if you’re planning on having a radiator behind dining tables and don’t want the radiator making it difficult to get in and out.

How Can I get a Cheap Kitchen Radiator?

The cheapest radiators you’ll find on site come from our own Trade Direct range. These remarkable radiators have been made to our extremely high standards and help you save even more if you’re working on a tight budget. The White Nevo is great if you want a vertical radiator on a kitchen wall, with the Anthracite column radiator a good choice for kitchens finished with modern greys and slate colours.

What Kind of Finish Should I Get on a Radiator?

It all depends on your kitchen décor. Many people want a radiator that blends in well with their countertops or feature walls. Powder coated finishes are quite common in kitchens too as people don’t normally go for the shiny tones you find on taps and other fittings.

The Best Price Online for Radiators

At Trade Radiators we guarantee the best price online for all the radiators that we sell. If you find it cheaper online elsewhere us know! Our guarantee helps you save more when decorating your kitchen or getting a new radiator for any room in your home.

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