Grey & Anthracite Column Radiators

When decorating a room, we’re more clued in than ever on making sure every aspect of the space is looked after. Nowhere is that more prevalent than the radiator. A lot of our customers looking for something unique are becoming quite interested in our range of Grey & Anthracite column radiators.

Designed to have a bit of personality, these radiators are a great feature for anyone decorating a room with a contemporary look. Not only do they look fantastic, but they have tremendous heat output.

Shop the range right now and see which radiator would work best for your room, or browse through our full range of radiators.

Can I Get a Grey & Anthracite Column Radiator for Any Room?

Yes. We stock these radiators in both vertical and horizontal styles, so if you were looking for a horizontal radiator for the living room or a vertical radiator for a bathroom or hallway, you'd be able to find the right size. We have radiators from 300mm to 600m high.

Do These Radiators Heat a Room Easily?

The BTU of column radiators is generally quite good. Three column radiators have a BTU starting around 3,000, while a vertical radiator around 1800mm can get over the 12,000 BTU threshold if you want a radiator that can help heat a problematic area.

Do I Need Anything Special for a Grey & Anthracite Column Radiator?

Fittings come as standard with any radiator purchased at Trade Radiators. If you find that you have all the fixtures and fittings of the room a certain way, you might want to order a custom radiator valve or pipe sleeves to cover your existing pipes and complete the look you’re going for. These little touches can help make a radiator stand out.

Can I Get a Grey & Anthracite Column Radiator for my Bedroom or Living Room?

Yes. While the tall models are popular, you’ll still be able to have your pick of some fantastic horizontal radiators. Our very own Trade Direct three and four horizontal column radiators can take pride of place in any bedroom or living room.

When looking at a specific radiator, we would suggest measuring the height from the top of the skirting board, especially if you have to install your radiator under a windowsill.

Need something different? There are many options to choose from in our full range of radiators.

Can I Get a Grey & Anthracite Radiator for my Kitchen?

With the kitchen usually the busiest room in the home, you’ll find a lot of people coming in and out, which results in air being bandied about a lot. If this is an issue in your kitchen, we advise you go for a bigger radiator to help warm air flow.

If your kitchen radiator is behind the main dining table, Apollo two column models would be a good fit. They are narrow and start at just £105.

If you have a narrow supporting wall in the kitchen (usually by the fridge) that has the room for a vertical Grey & Anthracite radiator, The Trade Direct 3 column 1800mm model will fit in perfectly with its slimline projection of 121mm.

How Can I Get a Cheap Grey & Anthracite Column Radiator?

Just because the Grey & Anthracite look is trendy right now, it doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. Apollo has some great looking horizontal anthracite radiators at unbeatable prices, starting at just £105 in some cases.

For anyone who wants a vertical radiator on a budget, our own Trade Direct range has two column 1800mm radiators available for just £110. You can shop the entire Trade Direct range here.

Trade Radiators Price Guarantee

Trade Radiators prides itself on being able to offer radiators at the best price possible. With our dynamic range and radiators to suit any budget, we have a special price guarantee in place for customers. Find the same make and model of a radiator elsewhere online for a better total price, and we’ll match it.

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