Black Designer Radiators

Black designer radiators are quickly becoming the must-have item at home when redecorating. Many of the customers we deliver to are in the process of re-doing their homes. With radiators like the range we have on offer here, it’s easy to see why black is the “it” colour for customers who want a modern and unique radiator.

With unique designs from ranges like Novo, Saturn, Elan and others and prices starting from around £90, Trade Radiators has the best collection of black designer radiators you’ll find anywhere in the UK. Not only do the radiators look great, but they are also incredibly efficient and can help heat any room in no time at all.

Take a look at the current collection and see if you could do with a new black designer radiator.

Can't find the right one for you? We have lots of choices available in our wide range of radiators. Browse today and find the right radiator for your room.

Can I get a good deal on a black designer radiator?

Some models have been created for customers looking to heat a small room on a tight budget. The Delta 550mm x 395mm has a powerful BTU of 1518 and pipe centres of 475mm, making it a great little radiator if space is at a premium. With prices starting at just £94.99 (including VAT) this could be the black designer radiator for you.

Which radiators within the range are popular?

If you’re redecorating your kitchen or hallway and have a slim wall that would best fit a vertical radiator, the Solar 1800mm x 400mm is ideal. This gorgeous handcrafted radiator has a great textured finish and makes for a feature piece in any room. It is also frequently requested from customers working in the restaurant and retail sectors for bathrooms and storefronts that need something special to make a room look unique.

What are black radiators made from?

These radiators, depending on the designer, will be made from steel or aluminium. Most radiators are made from steel as it is a versatile material to work with. Aluminium is a great conductor and works great in tough to heat spaces but does make for a more expensive radiator.

How many panels do black radiators have?

Depending on how much depth you have to work with, you can choose from single and double panel radiators. 

Are there other radiator finishes I should look at?

If this range isn’t what you’re looking for and you’re more in mind for a radiator that shines in any room, check out our chrome designer radiators range. 

Which brands are known for black designer radiators?

Brands that make high-quality radiators in a black finish include Trade Direct and Reina.

Reina is a UK based designer we have had the pleasure of stocking for the last few years. The quality of their finishes lends itself to intense blacks.

Trade Direct is a new designer brand from the Trade Radiators team. We wanted to provide designer radiators at a more reasonable price, and these products fit the bill. 

Can I get an electric black radiator?

The majority of radiators in this section were created for use in traditional central heating systems, where the radiator is piped up to work.

If you’re working in a space where you can’t use pipes and would instead be looking for a black radiator which is wired up or plugged in to get going, please browse our black electric radiators. The range includes some fantastic designs by Yandiya and Pisa. You can also see our full selection of radiators here if you're interested in browsing other finishes or looks.

Do black radiators take longer to heat up?

No. They may appear to have thicker finishes on top, but these designer radiators work just as well as counterparts with other finishes.

If you don’t know how much heat your radiator needs to give out to get a room warm, we advise you to use our heating calculator. It will let you know the BTU range to work with, and help you filter down products accordingly.

How long does it take to get a black designer radiator delivered?

We want to get radiators delivered as quickly as possible for customers. On average, when orders are placed before 2pm, you can expect your black radiators to be delivered by the next working day. All orders have to be signed for and checked to make sure nothing has been damaged in transit, and the product is just how you want it.

Have any questions about black designer radiators?

We are here to help you find the right radiator for any space. Talk with the team by using the chat icon (you’ll see it on the bottom corner of the screen). You can also leave a short message on our contact page, and we’ll be happy to get in touch. 

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