Black Horizontal Radiators

Horizontal radiators in a column/ designer style have seen quite the uplift in interest in recent years. Over time, customers have asked us to help them source all kinds of contemporary horizontal radiators for their homes, especially those looking for black horizontal radiators.

Trade Radiators is proud to offer a dynamic range of black horizontal radiators for any space. Placing our focus squarely on matching high quality with great prices, browse through this range of black horizontal radiators and find a special radiator for your home today.

Looking for a different finish, or interested in trying out a new style? Browse our full selection of radiators today.

What types of black horizontal radiators are available?

Trade Radiators is always focussed on versatility and uniqueness within any of our ranges. When you look at the black horizontal radiators on this page, you are looking at over 250 radiators, with variety to suit every room. We offer a mixture of materials (steel and aluminium) if you have a preference or need a radiator that heats up in no time at all, as well as an unbeatable BTU range where we have products in stock going from 870 all the way to 13000BTU. You can use the BTU filter on the left side to find a suitable radiator within your range.

In terms of shape, the range covers all bases with straight and curved black horizontal radiators. We also have full panel models and horizontal radiators with spacing between panel slats.

Understanding column numbers on black horizontal radiators

This range covers 2-column to 6-column black horizontal radiators. The column number is something to keep in mind when choosing a new radiator. As a reminder, the number is a reference to the number of columns width-wise and not lengthwise. 2-column radiators are most common as they resemble a standard double panel horizontal radiator.  

The best brands offering black horizontal radiators

Trade Radiators will only stock brands it believes in. If a product doesn’t meet our quality guidelines, it won’t be sold. There are some brands that we believe create high-quality black horizontal radiators. Due to the effort it takes to apply a durable and hard-working black finish, you may want to look at radiators by Apollo and Trade Direct.

Are black horizontal radiators shiny?

No. These radiators would have more of a matte black finish. This is now the most fashionable black style to have in homes. If you were looking for a “blacker than black” finish from your radiator, opt for Matt Jet Black from the colour options on the left side menu. You will see some great products from the Apollo Roma range.

If you are looking for a black finish with a gloss or sheen, you might want to check out our range of black nickel radiators or possibly something a little different with our lacquered metal radiators.

Working with limited wall projection

Wall space may limit how much room for manoeuvre you can have from a new radiator. If you want a black radiator but need something which sits tightly with the wall, our single panel black horizontal radiators from Trade Direct’s Nevo & Saturn ranges may be a good choice.

Alternatively, you can choose a different style or finish from our full range of radiators here.

Finding a black horizontal radiator for your bathroom

Black radiators are trendy items to have in bathrooms and toilets just now. If you have a smaller bathroom where space is at a premium, we have shorter panel radiators that fit the bill. Trade Direct Aphex Aluminium, Black, 600mm x 560mm - Grooved & Apollo Roma 3 Column Radiator, Black Metallic, 500mm x 260mm are two good choices for smaller bathrooms.

Anyone limited by wall space in the bathroom may be interested in looking at our black heated towel rails.

Helping a new black horizontal radiator look the part

Your order will arrive with the necessary parts for a standard installation. For anyone wishing to have their radiators look the part, we recommend visiting our radiator accessories section, where items like new valves and foot supports may be something you’d like to have to complement the installation.

Delivering a new radiator promptly

Trade Radiators will always get your new radiators packaged and shipped as quickly as possible. We know that no one likes the idea of waiting around for a radiator, which is why we like to highlight our Next Day Delivery and Within A Week options on the left side menu. Use these options to find out which radiators can be making their way to you in no time at all.

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