Cast Iron Radiators

If you want to give your commercial or home space a more traditional rustic edge or create a striking centrepiece, Cast Iron radiators are an incredible way to add this. These rust-resistant radiators are available in a wide array of designs and finishes to suit your requirements and are delivered to your door, free of charge.

Trade Radiators offers a stunning selection of carefully selected and historically styled cast iron radiators all produced using the original methods pioneered over 150 years ago. 

Our cast iron radiators are all made to order and individually finished to your specification. Cast iron radiators are incredibly versatile; you can be truly imaginative with colour and style making these statement radiators a real feature, fitting in perfectly with both traditional and modern/contemporary settings and décor. 

Whether you are looking for a single feature cast iron radiator or fitting out your whole home we are confident we have something for you.... the only limitation being your imagination! 

Browse our selection below and if you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Victorian Cast Iron Radiators
  • Neo Georgian Cast Iron Radiators
  • Shaftsbury Cast Iron Radiators
  • Piccadilly Cast Iron Radiators
  • Oxford Cast Iron Radiators
  • Clarendon Cast Iron Radiators
  • Pimlico Cast Iron Radiators
  • Bartholomew Cast Iron Radiators
  • Sloane Cast Iron Radiators
  • Kensington Cast Iron Radiators
  • Regent Cast Iron Radiators
  • Montpellier Cast Iron Radiators
  • St Paul Cast Iron Radiators

Victorian Range

If you want to add a little classic elegance to your home, look no further than our selection of incredible Victorian Cast Iron Radiators, crafted to depict the traditional styles of the late1800s. Available in 3, 4 or 7 column these radiators are perfect for any location, both home and commercial. 

Neo Georgian Range

Our Neo Georgian Range is perfect for those who take inspiration from design in Britain between 1900-1910, with colour palettes and designs which convey this image. Our Edwardian range can be delivered to your door free of charge. 

Shaftsbury Range

Our Shaftsbury Range with their incredible curvaceous shape draws inspiration from its discovery in an old ballet school using ornate detailing to add an aura of elegance and luxury. 

Piccadilly Range

The Piccadilly Cast Iron Radiators range is the perfect addition for a space which needs a touch of traditional décor added, with a variety of heights and finishes available, these radiators can be suited to both large and small spaces. 

Oxford Range

Our Oxford Cast Iron Radiators are some of our most detailed available, with a larger amount of pattering than other models. These are also available in multiple sizes and derive inspiration from designs from France in the late 1800s. 

Clarendon Range

Our Clarendon Series are a great example of traditional design, with plain front and detailing on the sides these radiators are very reminiscent of times gone by. 

Pimlico Range

If you love traditional stylings but don’t have too much room to implement them, why not try one of our more compact Pimlico Cast Iron Radiators. Designed to reflect the Georgian design but available from very small sized, allowing them to be used in more cosy spaces. 

Bartholomew Range

Our Bartholomew Range of Radiators take the traditional style and strip it back to simplicity, with stunning finishes these contemporary additions are sure to finish off any room. 

Sloane Range

Our Sloane Range of radiators are also very stripped back and simple, allowing the beauty of the metal catch the eye and blow guests away. Our entire Sloane range is delivered across the UK free of charge.

Kensington Range

The heavily detailed Kensington Radiator was one of the most popular choices in times gone past, and continues to be very popular, adding elegance and sophistication to any room with its stunning details and statement design. 

Regent Range

If you want the greatest level of detailing on your traditional-inspired radiators, our Regent Range have even the smallest level of detail taken in to account, including small ornate detailing around the radiator. 

Montpellier Range

First produced in France in the 1890s, the floral detailing on the Montpellier Range is sure to catch the eye and elevates any room. These designs are so impressive they act not only as a radiator but as a decoration and a piece of artwork. 

St Paul Range

Continuing the theme of practical art, the St Paul Range truly is a piece of artwork, with a more traditional detailing and traditional finishing, these match any colour scheme and add elegance and opulence to any space. 

paladin cast iron radiators

Popular Questions

Do cast iron radiators give out more heat?

These types of radiators have been used for a long time and there's a good reason why: they're incredibly good at giving out heat. You can easily control the temperature of a radiator with a thermostatic valve, but a normal radiator will get up to heat quickly and retain it for a long time.

Do cast iron radiators rust?

Radiators that are polished and looked after will not rust. To help protect this type of radiator from rusting, applying an oil-based cleaner every few months will keep it in top shape.

Can you paint cast iron radiators?

Yes, they can be painted in all sort of colours, although it's best to stick to a more traditional tone when you want to enhance the features of the radiators. 

We have a range of popular traditional metallic colours as shown on the website but in addition to this, we can also colour match the paint colour of your choice. If you want a funky radiator, we just need the colour brand/name/ref.

Selecting the finish for your cast iron radiator - Check out our Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration

Where can I see examples of the finishes on offer?

We know how difficult it can be selecting the correct finish of radiator, lots of different factors can influence your decision e.g. the colour of the walls the type of iron mongery you are having in the room. Please note we can match any of the colours in the Farrow and Ball range. Also, if you wish we can send out metallic colour swatches for you to compare colours on site. 

We also have some useful videos comparing and contrasting the different finishes.

VIDEO - Comparing the different metallic finishes available.

What is primer undercoat finish?

This is basically just an undercoat and will not protect your radiator long term, it is important that you have the radiator professionally painted/sprayed within 6-12 months or your radiator may start to rust. If you are putting the radiator in a bathroom or kitchen then you must have it painted before having it installed as the kitchen/bathroom areas are moist environments and will cause rusting very quickly. Please note you must NOT ‘powder coat’ cast iron radiators as this will destroy the gaskets. Your best and cheapest option is for us to paint the radiators for you.

What is the painted finish?

Painted radiators have 2-3 coats of primer followed by 2-3 coats of your chosen paint colour in a satin type eggshell finish which is the most flattering to cast iron. The surface is sealed and protected by this painting process and does not require any maintenance other than light dusting.

What is the antiqued finish?

This is all done by hand with a process of layering paint shades and working round the detail of each section with darker tones to bring them out. This makes the radiator appear older with an antique look about it, extremely flattering on the radiators with details. The surface is sealed and protected by this painting process and does not require any maintenance other than light dusting.

What is the polished finish?

The polished finish is all done by hand revealing and polishing the original cast iron surface. It is a beautiful finish however as the bare metal is exposed to the air, this finish requires some maintenance to prevent, and attention to eliminate, any rust spots. The hand polished finish is to the sides, top and front of your radiator, the back area is not polished as this area is difficult to treat as it is against the wall once installed. Every 6 – 8 weeks take a soft polishing cloth lightly sprayed with WD40 and dust your polished radiator to all polished areas, this will ensure your polished radiator remains rust free.

Are the radiators reconditioned or reproduction?

All of our models are brand new and made to order. The model designs are original, we have cleverly used authentic period cast iron radiators to make the moulds to produce brand new identical radiators. We also use the same traditional production methods to make the radiators.

Do you buy old/used cast iron radiators?

No, we only sell brand new radiators and from our own range. If you have old radiators you could contact a local reclamation yard who may be able to help you or point you in the right direction.

Installation & Maintenance

Are cast iron radiators installed in the same way as standard radiators?

Yes, they are installed in the same way and take standard fitting valves and pipes. The only difference is they have feet and sit on the floor instead of hanging from the wall. We provide wall stays to secure the radiator to the wall for added safety. 

For a video on how to fit a cast iron radiator, please see below.

VIDEO - Cast Iron Radiators - How to Fit .

Does the radiator come with everything I need?

When buying any of our cast iron radiators we provide you with wall stays and all the required bushes, air vents etc. All you need in addition to this is one pair of radiator valves per radiator, we have a fantastic selection of valves in all different finishes to compliment your new radiator.

Which type of radiator valves do I need?

You can choose non-thermostatic (remaining at one fixed temperature as per your central heating) or thermostatic (allowing to adjust the temperature on that particular radiator). If your pipes are coming from the floor then the valves should be ‘angled’ and if the pipe are coming out of the wall and into the valve then they should be ‘corner’ valves. If you are unsure what you need don’t worry, just call us.

Can I get measurements for my plumber to do the pipework prior to delivery?

Yes, taking into account which radiator and valves you have ordered we can calculate the pipe centre measurements* that your plumber will need to do the pipe work. *These measurements are a guide only and may not be exact as these products are handmade and can vary in size. As is standard in the plumbing industry, we do not recommend doing any installation work prior to having the goods in your possession. Any pipe work carried out before having the goods in your possession is undertaken at your own risk and we are not responsible for any errors or ill-fitting items which may occur as a result.

Will my plumber need to do anything unusual to to my system?

No, the action required is the same as that which any reputable/experienced plumber would follow when installing any new radiators. However, we do provide you with all the appropriate instructions to pass to your plumber with regards to installation and your central heating system to ensure the correct procedures are followed and the appropriate type of inhibitor etc is used in your system. This will prevent any issues arising in the future.

Will the radiators come complete as one piece or need to be put together by my plumber?

Most do come complete, all radiators under 1200mm length arrive as one piece. Rads over 1200mm however don’t fit on a pallet so need to be sent as blocks (usually 2) to be joined on site (this is very straight forward).

Please see the vidoe and blog post below on how to join the two sections together

BLOG - How to join two cast iron radiator sections together.

VIDEO - Connecting A Cast Iron Radiator Together.

If I am ordering a large rad (over 1200mm) to be joined on site do I need anything to do this?

Yes, a joining tool, which your plumber may have already, if not then we can provide one on a sale or return basis, your plumber uses it, you send it back and get a full refund.


How will the radiator(s) be delivered to me?

The radiator(s) are securely wrapped on a pallet and will be delivered to you by pallet courier roadside. The radiators are of course heavy so you’ll need to make sure you have help to unload and take the goods onto your property.

How long will my radiator(s) take to be made and delivered?

Metallic colour paint finish and basic primer (undercoat) takes just 7 days from ordering. Special finishes such as Antiqued, Polished and Highlight take 14 days.

Can I choose my own delivery date?

Yes. We email to let you know when the radiator(s) will be ready and you then email us back with the delivery date you would like and we book this in for you.

Will I know what time the delivery will take place?

We ask the courier driver to call ahead whenever possible on the day of the delivery to let you know that he is on his way (mobile signal and battery powder dependant). If he is unable to call your delivery will still go ahead on the date you have requested.

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How we can help if you have a large radiator project

If you have a project where all or most of the radiators need replacing, it can be quite a daunting task and you may not be sure where to start.

We can take the stress out of the situation by providing a customized spreadsheet schedule showing you exactly what dimensions, heat outputs and finishes would be suitable for each of your rooms. 

Click the link below for more detailed information on how we can help.

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Traditional Country House - Radiator Case Study

We are able to assist in all kinds of projects from off-plan new builds right the way through to renovations of period manor houses. 

The case study below involved Middleton Hall in Northumberland, a Grade II listed Victorian mansion, that its owners took years restoring to its former glories.

We were very proud to be called upon to advise the owners on their radiator choices for the restoration and, as you can see below, the results were absolutely stunning.

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A look inside the Trade Radiators office!

We’ve come a long way since our business was founded in 2004 and we are now the proud owners of a beautifully renovated Victorian office in central Glasgow.

The Trade Radiators office is now a very stylish and comfortable place for us to conduct our business, while continuing to provide a top quality service to our customers.

Naturally our office is full of products available on our website, and below we offer a selection of photos showcasing our eclectic interior design choices, which is a subtle mix of contemporary and modern!

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Cast Iron Radiators - How to Fit

One of the main things to consider when buying a cast iron radiator is the fact that it is very heavy, so please ensure you have sufficient help to lift in when it is being delivered and if you are installing it yourself.

If you are installing your new rad yourself, then please take a look at the video below. Jimmy the experienced Trade Radiators plumber takes you through the process of installing a cast iron radiator from start to finish.

Jimmy gives some excellent hints, tips and advice on the installation process, so we recommend watching this informative video before you start your own installation.

VIDEO - Cast Iron Radiators - How to Fit .

Comparing the different metallic finishes available

We are pleased to be able to offer a wide variety of finishes to our beautiful cast iron radiators.,enabling you to really get exactly what you want when selecting your radiator.

The colours in our range include Pewter, Old Pewter, Natural Cast, Sovereign Gold, Copper, Antique Gold, Old Penny and Anthracite.

In the video below, Jimmy the plumber takes you through each of these colours, explaining their individual qualities to help you make the best possible decision when you purchase your radiator.

If you are unsure what colour you require then we absolutely recommend watching this short video.

VIDEO - Comparing the different metallic finishes available.

Connecting A Cast Iron Radiator Together

If you have a particularly large space and have ordered a cast iron radiator over 1200mm in length, it’s important to note that your radiator will be delivered in two parts.

This is to avoid damage during delivery and to make moving the radiators more manageable due to their heavy weight.

If you are planning to install the radiators yourself, then you will need to connect the two parts of the cast iron radiator.

In the video below, Jimmy the Trade Radiators plumbers runs through this process step by step to equip you with all the accurate knowledge you need to tackle this task yourself.

BLOG - How to join two cast iron radiator sections together.

Are Cast Iron Radiators as efficient as modern radiators?

Radiator technology has come a long way over recent years with energy efficiency at the forefront of all radiator design. 

One of the most common questions we get is how cast iron radiators compare in efficiency to their modern counterparts.

We explain fully in the article below how cast iron radiators are more than a match in efficiency terms with their more modern rivals.

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Cast Iron Radiators- Back From The Past

In the early days of the radiator, large cast iron radiators were the only option for people wanting to heat their home via a hot water central heating system. Then they fell out of fashion as more modern and trendy radiators took over.

However, fashion is cyclical and the cast iron radiator is back in style with those looking for a classic look to their interior design plans. 

The modern cast iron rad is stylish and efficient and the article below charts its comeback and why it never really went away.

BLOG - Cast Iron Radiators- Back From The Past.

Cast Iron Radiator Art by Team Recoat

We had an old cast iron radiator lying around that we wanted to put on display in our office. However, rather than simply going for the shabby-chic look with the rad’s existing worn-out finish, we enlisted a local Glasgow artist to let themselves loose with some spray paint to create a ‘Futurist’ radiator classic.

You can see the entire process from start to finish in the video below.

BLOG - Cast Iron Radiator Art by Team Recoat.
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