Curved Bay Window Radiators

Bespoke Curved Bay Window Radiators, how does it work?...  First place an order for the required size, you'll instantly receive an email receipt then shortly after a separate email with easy to follow instructions of how to make a paper template of your bay area, with the workshop address to send the template to, where a straight radiator (in the size you have ordered) is curved using your template giving you the right shape for your bay area.  Important: when measuring to determine the radiator size you need, do not measure straight across the bay in a straight line, you need to measure round the curve as the radiator goes round in a curve.  Lead time is 2-3 weeks.

We are one of the few companies that can still offer curved bay window radiators. We champion this type of radiator as an effective use of the space under a bay window; a notorious cold area of a room which is sometimes the only place you can put a radiator.

Take a look at our current range and see if the right radiator is here for you, or view our full range of radiators to discover an alternative style for your room.

How wide can bay window radiators go?

No matter how wide your bays windows are, we’ll have a radiator to match. This range currently runs from 1000mm to 2200mm wide.

Do curved bay window radiators heat a room easily? 

These are some of the most powerful radiators we have on-site. No matter what size you need, you’re going to find they have tremendous heat output. As long as you know what BTU is needed for the room, you’ll find the right radiator here.

If you don’t know the BTU of a room, we have a handy heating calculator you can use to narrow down the full range to a small selection of radiators which fit within your ideal BTU range.

Which brands of curved bay window radiators are good?

We mainly stock Ultraheat as we believe they provide the best mix of quality and price. Curved radiators are much more challenging to make than traditional convector models, which is why it can sometimes be hard to find the right one at an excellent price.

Do I need to know anything in advance before buying a curved radiator?

The main thing to be aware of is your measurements, especially if you’re buying a curved convector radiator for the first time.

When measuring your existing pipe centres, you should measure between the pipes around the curve and not directly across the bay area as you're measuring a 'curved' radiator and not a 'straight' one.  So be sure to curve the measuring tape around the radiator between the two pipes.  

Can I get a cheap curved bay window convector radiator? 

From time to time we will have deals on these radiators which will see you saving more on our already low prices. We also recommend visiting our clearance section where we frequently update the section with bay window radiators that we have limited offers on. 

What heating systems do curved bay window convector radiators work with? 

These radiators have been designed to work with traditional central heating systems.

We also have electric heating options in stock, including underfloor heating for living rooms and infrared heating.

Are curved bay window radiators single or double panel?

This type of radiator is only supplied as single panel, single convector due to the curving process involved. This allows for the radiator to fit very snugly into the bay and in most cases, there is just enough protrusion from the window sill to allow for the convection of air to circulate. 

How long does it take to get a bay window convector radiator delivered?

These radiators are in high demand anytime we get new stock in. You may find it takes up to 10 days for delivery, although we will let you know if it is going to take longer.

Helping you find the perfect radiator

Many people are looking for this style of radiator because they have a bay window in their living room or conservatory. If there’s a specific space you need a radiator in, we recommend you shop for radiators by room type. You’ll be able to find the right radiator for your kitchen, living room, attic, office or any room that needs a little heat.

If you're interested in trying a new finish or style, then take a look through our full selection of radiators.

Looking for something else?

If you would like to see other radiators we have available, you can click here to view our full range.

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