Custom Colour Column Radiators

At Trade Radiators we know that everyone wants to inject a little personality into a room, and you might be surprised to know you can do it with your radiators too. As the UK’s leading online radiator store, we can help customers get the exact look they’re after by providing a range of column radiators you’ll be able to get a custom colour finish on.

Unsure what to choose? View our expansive variety of radiators and discover all of the styles, colours and sizes we have available.

Shop the range today and see if there’s a radiator that would be just right for you.

Different Column Radiator Colours

We cover pretty much the whole rainbow when you have a specific colour in mind for your ideal column radiator.

When you find the model you like, you’ll be able to pick from a selection of custom paint finishes.

Can Any Radiator be Custom Painted?

Trade Radiators want to give everyone the radiator they want. If there is a specific radiator you wish would come in a custom finish, get in touch with the team. We’ll see if it is possible to carry out, although it is important to know there are certain radiator types you can’t paint over.

What Column Radiators can be Custom Painted?

Every radiator we have that can be painted will have a paint wheel symbol beside it.

What Brands can be Custom Painted?

We find that Apollo radiators are the best for adding custom colour to as the base standard finish helps the colours pop.

What Colour Column Radiator is Best?

The colour you choose is down to two things: your taste and the style of the room. While the idea of a bright blue radiator might sound great for a bathroom, you don’t want it to look out of place if the rest of the space isn’t complimentary.

When deciding on what colour to choose, we recommend:

  • Not picking a colour the same as the wall it will be against
  • Making sure the colour matches your fixtures and fittings
  • Making sure your radiator won’t be beside furniture a similar colour as it gives the appearance of confiscating space

Looking for a different style or size? View our range of radiators today to find the right fit for your space.

How Long Does a Colour Radiator Take to Make?

Column radiators take an average of 3-4 days to get delivered as standard, so if you’re sticking with a white, black or anthracite finish, you can expect your order to arrive quickly. Because we like to ensure that every custom paint finish is 100% perfect, we carry out the paintwork ourselves, making every one made to order.

You can expect a colour radiator to take 7-10 working days to be delivered.

Can Other Radiator Styles be Custom Painted?

Yes. You’ll be able to see the entire range of radiators available for custom paintwork here.

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