Double Panel Radiators

The most common radiator type you’ll find in homes across the country, the double panel radiator is fantastic for anyone who wants a no-fuss solution to heating a room with a radiator they know they can rely on. 

Here at Trade Radiators, we’re pleased to provide customers with a range of double panel radiators to suit all styles and budgets.

With over 300 models currently available, take a look and see if the current range of double panel radiators has the right one for your space.

Interested in a different radiator look? We have a wide variety of products to choose from, you can view the full selection of radiators to find the right fit for your room.

Heat Output of Double Panel Radiators

The range of double panel radiators that we have in stock will provide your home with impressive heating, with specifications such as:

  • A BTU range of 1270 - 12000
  • A wattage range of 370W – 3530W

Buy your ideal double panel styled radiator today.

Sizes of Double Panel Radiators

The extensive selection of radiators with double panels that we offer here at Trade Radiators includes all kinds of sizes for a range of spaces, such as:

With many more to choose from, including even more styles in our full range of radiators, such as:

Purchase high-quality radiators now.

Trade Radiators Are Here To Help

We promise to put the best quality possible into everything we do. With over a decade’s experience in helping heat homes across the country, Trade Radiators are here to help you find the right radiator for your home.

If you’re not sure what radiator you need or are looking for the best deal possible on double panel radiators, you can get in touch directly with the sales and customer service team.

Phone us on 0141 225 0430 between 8.30am - 6 pm Monday to Friday or click the chat icon on the corner of this page to chat live with customer support.


What do I need to get for a double panel radiator?

If you’re installing a radiator on an existing system, then you shouldn’t need to get anything special for the radiator. We supply fittings with your order to make sure installation is easy.

For anyone installing a radiator in a new space, or in a room where you have done a lot of work on the colour scheme, a plain pipe may match the existing fittings, take a look at the foot supports and pipe sleeves currently available in our radiator accessories section.

Can I get a double panel radiator for my bedroom or living rooms?

In these rooms, we would suggest that you look for horizontal double panel radiators as they’re best placed along walls or under windows. In cases where you have a very small space like a box bedroom, we have double panel radiators starting at just 290mm high; ideal for when you don’t want a radiator getting in the way.

White is the most common colour for bedrooms and living rooms.

Can I get a double panel radiator for my kitchen?

With it usually being the busiest room in the home, you’ll find a lot of people coming in and out, and that means the air will move around a lot.

For kitchens where you ideally have to place your double panel radiator behind the kitchen table, look at horizontal models around the 400mm high mark. Our own Trade Direct Saturn Designer 406x1800 model is a great option for contemporary kitchens.

It’s now more common to opt for a space-saving vertical double panel radiator in the kitchen. Stelrad has an incredibly sleek Alto mini range going from 1600mm to 1800mm tall.

How can I get a cheap double panel radiator?

Stelrad & K-Rad are two brands stocking some of the best value double panel radiators you’ll find online. We have models like the 300mm x 500mm double panel (single convector) for around the £20 mark. If you’re looking for high-quality radiators on a tight budget, these brands are ideal.

We also offer a range of financing options at Trade Radiators.

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