DQ Ardent Radiators

Made from mild steel and offering tremendous heat output in any room, the range of DQ Ardent radiators currently in stock at Trade Radiators showcases some of the best in contemporary radiator design and manufacturing. If you’ve been on the lookout for a modern styled radiator which can easily fit in place with any living room, hallway, kitchen, or office across the UK, you’ll want to shop these radiators.

Take a look and see if a DQ Ardent radiator is right for you. Remember, when you order from Trade Radiators, your order will qualify for free delivery across mainland UK, and we’ll always aim to get a radiator delivered as quickly as possible.

When should you choose a DQ Ardent radiator?

This range of radiators works as a perfect replacement if you’re striving for a fresher look for panel radiators in rooms around the home (note that these are column radiators). The finish is very modern, and something most other radiators manufacturers don’t currently provide.

Here at Trade Radiators, we have been stocking DQ radiators and rail for a long time now, and fully believe they have some of the best products on the market. See for yourself - take a look at the full of DQ heating products we have here.

Are there any design features I should know about?

The most notable design feature of these radiators is that it has a narrower depth than most column radiators of the same size. Both the horizontal and vertical 2 column radiators have a depth of just 62mm, which is quite remarkable for the heat output provided. When hung on most walls, you’re only looking at a wall projection of around 87mm.

If you’ve been looking for a column radiator which is narrower and would fit well in tight spaces, this could be the one. If you want a really thin wall projection, we recommend looking at our range of single panel radiators.

Which heating system are DQ Ardent radiators made for?

The DQ Ardent range is made for use on central heating systems. At this time, the radiator can’t be adapted for dual-fuel/electric systems. For anyone who wants some versatility with their heating, we recommend reading the Trade Radiators Guide to Dual Fuel Heating.

What colour are DQ Ardent radiators?

These radiators come in what is known as a Stone Grey finish, which is very close to an off-white with a grey hue. To get an idea of what colours/finishes similarly styled radiators come in, the wider DQ Heating range has you covered, especially the DQ Peta which has some models in a special copper lacquer.

We also know that you might have a very specific colour in mind when it comes to a new radiator. If there’s a finish or shade you can’t get elsewhere, our custom colour radiator options may be your best bet.

Do I need anything special for radiator installation?

Whenever you order a radiator from Trade Radiators, we make sure you’re not waiting around days on end to get it hung to the wall. When you open the box, you’ll find all the necessary fittings inside for a standard installation.

How many columns do these radiators have?

You can choose from either two-column or three-column radiators. Most UK homes will do fine with a two-column DQ Ardent, but if you have a more open-plan room which you know will need a little push to get warm, a three-column may be your best option.

Do these radiators come with feet?

DQ Ardent radiators do not come with matching radiator feet as standard, although you can choose to get matching slip-on feet when going to make your order.

How hot can DQ Ardent radiators get?

Have a room where getting up to temperature causes all sorts of problems? You’ll want to know what the heating output for these radiators is. Depending on the size you go for, you’re looking at the following BTU ranges:

  • DQ Ardent 2-Column horizontal 500mm – 1641BTU – 3787BTU
  • DQ Ardent 2-Column horizontal 600mm – 1952BTU – 4504BTU
  • DQ Ardent 2-Column vertical – 2559BTU – 4697BTU
  • DQ Ardent 3-Column vertical – 3480BTU – 6380BTU

If you don’t know what BTU requirements your room has, use our handy heating calculator.

Have any questions? Get in touch

If you have any questions about DQ Ardent radiators, or simply need help finding the right radiator for your space, talk directly to the Trade Radiators team today. Give us a call on 0141 225 0430. You’ll see today’s opening hours for the phone line at the top of the page. You can also leave a message on our contact page if you prefer.

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