Energy Efficient Radiators

Save money - and the environment - with our energy-saving range of radiators which gets you more for less.

The range of energy-efficient radiators here at Trade Radiators offers homes practical and cost-effective heating. As an industry leader in the UK, we provide an extensive selection to choose from for all rooms in the home.

Shop top radiator brands online and purchase an energy-efficient radiator for your home now.


Renewable Heating

Delving into the future already? We offer radiators that can be powered through the up-and-coming renewables, such as radiators that are powered by air source heat pumps.

These radiators use geothermal heating to bring warmth to your home through an efficient and sustainable source, so if you are passionate about the environment, these are the radiators for you.

Radiators such as the type 22 convectors that we sell will produce impressive heating through air pumps. If you are looking for radiators that squeeze more heat out of less energy, then you’d be looking for one of our aluminium radiators.

If you would like to see more about energy-efficient heating, visit our Energy Saving Hub.

Regardless of what you’re seeking, we have the right radiator for you at a great price and with exceptional services at Trade Radiators. 


Heat Output of Radiators That Are Energy Efficient

A common misconception is that you’ll receive less heat output from an energy-efficient radiator as it uses less power. This simply isn’t the case. Trade Radiators can provide radiators that help you cut down on energy usage while providing the following:

  • A BTU range of 840 - 10980
  • A wattage range of 245W – 3220W

Do be sure to make use of our free online heating calculator that will help you find the right radiator for your space.

Buy an energy-efficient radiator with superb heat output now.


Energy-Efficient Radiator Sizing Options

We are proud to offer one of the best selections of radiators that are energy efficient in the UK. Part of this is being able to offer a host of different sizing options, such as:

Browse our online store today and find that ideal radiator size for your space.

Purchasing high-quality radiators that are energy efficient has never been easier than it is with Trade Radiators.


Finishes For Efficient Energy Radiators

To ensure that every customer walks away satisfied with their choice of radiator, Trade Radiators also provides a huge variety of finish options, such as:

As well as a host of other colours. Browse through our variety of finishes and buy your perfect colour today.


Contact Trade Radiators Today

If you need help with any of our products or services, reach out to Trade Radiator’s customer care team, who are happy to help.

If you’d prefer to talk on the phone, we are available from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm at 0141 225 0430.



Do Your Offer A Warranty With Energy Efficient Radiators?

Yes. Every radiator we provide at Trade Radiators comes with a minimum 5-year warranty. Some selected models from Trade Direct will come with up to 15 years of warranty coverage.


What Heating Systems Can Efficient Energy Radiators Be Used With?

At Trade Radiators, we provide radiators that can be used with traditional plumbed heating systems and electrical heating systems. We do also provide unorthodox heating systems, such as underfloor heating, which are also designed to be energy efficient. 


What Accessories Will I Need For My Energy-Efficient Radiator?

Radiators that are energy efficient will need all the same accessories as a normal radiator, including caps, valves, plugs, and more – depending on your radiator set-up.

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