Free Standing Radiators

Not all homes and businesses will need or require plumbed or wall-mounted radiators. Sometimes a room layout would benefit more from a radiator that is free standing.

Here at Trade Radiators, we offer a wide variety of free standing radiators for your home or business. Get the radiator that's right for you at a great rate today!

How Powerful Are Free Standing Radiators? 

Just like any other kind of radiator, the material, shape, design, and size of the chassis will determine how powerful it is. Just because a radiator is free standing doesn't mean it isn't as powerful as mounted or plumbed alternatives.

There are plenty of free-standing radiators made from all kinds of metals that will suit different spaces and heating requirements. Metals like steel take longer to heat than metals like copper, for example.

But if you are unsure what you need from a radiator to heat your room, then you can make use of our BTU heating calculator. It'll help you determine what kind of radiator you'll need for a room of a specific size. Once you know what kind of radiator you'll need, you can take a look through our full selection of radiators if you can't find the one you're looking for yet.

What Finishes Do Free Standing Radiators Come In?

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a huge range of radiators to suit all kinds of home and business aesthetics. We can provide finishes such as:

· Black

· White

· Chrome

· Anthracite

And more. Take a look at the radiators we stock today and find one that'll fit your space's theme.

Our Free Standing Radiator Models

When it comes to radiators, we aim to stock a model for everyone. Our diverse range is ready and waiting for you to explore and find the ideal solution for your project requirements. We stock impressive radiators such as:

We have lots of options when it comes to radiators. Interested in something unique looking, or in a specific colour? Take a look through our variety of radiators to find the right one for your room.

Get Great Deals With Your Radiator

We are all about offering exceptional value to our customers with the stock we provide and with our services.

Our price match policy is a prime example of this. We want to keep our prices competitive and pass any savings to be had onto our customers. As such, if a competitor has the same model of radiator for a lesser price, then we'll do our best to match their rate.

And, in addition, you won't need to worry about delivery costs on radiator orders. All radiator orders qualify for free delivery.

Speak With Our Experts Today

Not too sure what free standing radiator is ideal for your needs? Or maybe you think another style of heating system would work better?

No matter what questions you have for us concerning our products or services, feel free to reach out and speak with our experts.

We are happy to assist!

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