Horizontal Convector Radiators

Every home needs a good radiator, and we have a great range of horizontal convector radiators available at Trade Radiators. 

Coming in a range of sizes, finishes and styles, you’ll be able to get the horizontal radiator that is just ideal for any space. 

We provide radiators that work fantastically in living rooms, bedrooms and workspaces. 

Shop the range today and see which radiator would look best in your space. 

What brands of Horizontal Convector Radiators are available? 

Top convector brands we sell on site include: 

  • K-Rad 
  • Quinn 
  • Stelrad 
  • Ultraheat 
  • Trade Direct 

K-Rad has some of the cheapest horizontal radiators you’ll find on our site. Their compact size makes for an affordable option if you need a type 1 horizontal radiator that is around 300mm-400mm high and can easily fit into difficult spaces.  

Stelrad and Quinn would both be seen as designer names, with Stelrad’s double panel-double convector radiators arguably the best you’d find on the market.  

How can I get a cheap Horizontal Convector Radiator? 

You’ll find the best prices for this type of radiator come in our Trade Direct range

We’ve spent years working with radiators and decided to create a range that we believe is just as good as name brand radiators but at a more convenient price, especially for those decorating on a budget. 

Horizontal Convector Radiators for Bedrooms 

Most people will have horizontal radiators in their bedrooms. If you have a small room that can get warm very quickly, you’ll want to look for a type 11 radiator like a Quinn single panel round top. They’re great if you want a radiator under the bedroom windowsill. 

Horizontal Convector Radiators for Bathrooms 

Single panel convector radiators with a grill top are great in bathrooms you need to keep warm throughout the day. We recommend K-Rad and Stelrad compact radiators.  

Both have a good range of 300mm high radiators that work fantastically in smaller bathrooms. 

Horizontal Convector Radiators for Living Rooms 

Some living rooms will have large windows or bay windows. If your living room radiator needs to be situated under the window, it can be difficult to find a radiator that can sit under something like a curved window. 

Ultraheat curved bay window radiators are ideal if your living room is like this. Ranging from 300mm-600mm, they are type 11 radiators with a BTU ranging from 1831 to 7224, that are tremendous in larger living rooms that can be troublesome to keep warm. 

Modern Horizontal Convector Radiators 

Need your radiator to have a minimalist finish? Take a look at the Apollo Milano and Stelrad flat panel radiators we have on offer. The Stelrad is a great choice for hallways, while the type 21 Apollo Milano has a high BTU output for radiators up to 500mm high. 

What Horizontal Radiator Size is best? 

All radiators come with precise measurements, including pipe centres. We recommend measuring out your radiator’s location, taking into account anything that could get in the way like shelves or the height of skirting boards. 

Trade Radiators Price Guarantee 

We take pride in selling the best horizontal convector radiators you’ll find online at the best price possible. 

With our guarantee, if you find the same make and model of horizontal radiator for a lower total price, we will match it.  

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