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Trade Radiators is the place to shop for low level radiators. We have a range of over 200 different styles and sizes of low level radiator to choose from, including top-selling products from brands like DQ Heating, Trade Direct, Apollo & Reina.

If you’ve been looking for a smaller radiator which can get to work without being obtrusive, this could well be the radiator you need. With next day delivery available on some best sellers and many delivered to your door within a week, you’ll have no trouble getting the right space-saving radiators for areas like your conservatory and dining room.

Shop the current range and find a low level radiator which is the right fit for your home, and remember that all the products you see here come with free delivery across mainland UK.

How small can a low level radiator be?

This range of radiators starts at 230mm tall, with the DQ Delta Polished 230mm by 1600mm the smallest option in stock (also available in a Satin finish). In terms of how “tall” these radiators can get, the range goes up to 300mm, which is seen as the industry standard/cutoff point for low level radiators.

If you have some wiggle room, we recommend visiting our radiators by size section, which features the most popular radiator sizes used in the UK. Alternatively, if you're after something different, you can browse our full range of radiators.

Do you have to hang a low level radiator?

Many of the products you see on this page are freestanding, as they tend to weigh less and can be supported by radiator feet or simply from pipe connections. In cases where the radiator does need to be hung, you’ll be able to check within the product description and accompanying documentation which highlights the installation in detail.

How do low level radiators work?

These radiators operate just like any other and don’t require any special features to get working. Your only hurdle would be heat output based on positioning. These radiators tend to be placed in conservatories and rooms where space is at a premium, so it is advisable to keep the area around the radiator clear. While they do have a reliable heat output, placing them under and behind furniture will not yield desired results.

Are low level radiators thicker?

There’s a slight sense of an optical illusion happening when you look at low level radiators. While they can range in depth from a simple flat panel all the way to two to four columns wide, these radiators have the same depth as normal models. It is simply down to the height and being able to look at the radiator from a different perspective that makes low level radiators sometimes look bulkier.

Which brands are known for their low level radiators?

There are some fantastic brands which have become go-tos when buying this style of radiator. They include:

  • Trade Direct
  • Apollo
  • Delonghi
  • DQ Heating
  • Kartell
  • Reina
  • Stelrad
  • Ultraheat
  • Supplies4Heat

What styles do low level radiators come in?

We know that every home needs to have a unique look, which is why the Trade Radiators team has searched high and low to find a comprehensive range of low level radiator styles. You’ll be able to choose from the following styles:

  • Bay Window
  • Column
  • Modern Column
  • Type11 Compact
  • Type21 Compact
  • Type21 Flat
  • Type22 Compact
  • Type22 Flat
  • Designer

If you’re looking for a specific design, you can use the filter options on the left side of this page.

I have a bay window. Which radiators are most suitable?

Bay windows are often perceived to be a tricky spot to hang a radiator in, especially if the window sits low to the floor. We have some great options when looking at bay windows up to 300mm tall, namely the low level curved bay windows from Ultraheat, which run from 1000mm to 2200mm wide.

If you have a bit more height to work with, take a look at the full range of curved bay window convector radiators.

Are low level radiators hard to install?

No. They are installed just like a normal regular level radiator. With many models free hanging, it’s simply a case of making a clean connection. If the radiator needs hanging to a wall, you’ll find the brackets and other fittings in the box with your order.

As many low level radiators are installed in new or refurbished rooms where new pipes are installed, many customers also opt for matching radiator pipe sleeves & foot supports for a more complete look.

What colours do low level radiators come in?

At Trade Radiators we are all about giving customers as much choice as possible, especially when it comes to the colour/finish your low level radiator can come in.

While polished and satin would be two of the most popular choices right now, other colours you can choose from include:

  • Anthracite
  • Black
  • Copper
  • Lacquered Metal
  • Nickel
  • Raw Metal

We also have custom colour options for some of the Apollo and Reina radiators here.

Have any questions about low levels radiators?

Low level radiators are the type of radiator you don’t want to make any mistakes with when buying. You can read more about finding the ideal radiator at our advice section.

And if you have any questions about the products on this page, get in touch with the team and we’ll be happy to help.

Looking for something else?

If you would like to see other radiators we have available, you can click here to view our full range.

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