Modern Column Radiators

If you are in the middle of updating a room at home and think it’s time to make it look more modern, here at Trade Radiators we want to update the look and feel of the column radiator. To do that, we are giving customers the chance to have a modern column radiator in their homes with this exciting new range.

These radiators take the traditional design and update it for the 21st century. While we do love the range of column radiators we have on-site, we believe these are some of the best designed modern column radiators you’ll find online.

Shop the range right now and see which radiator will be a perfect fit for your new space. If you're looking for something different, then feel free to look through our wide variety of radiators.

What brands of modern column radiators does Trade Radiators stock?

Trade Direct is the main brand when it comes to modern column radiators. We created the range of bespoke radiators from our years of knowledge of column radiators to match the demand of this underappreciated area of design.

What colours do modern column radiators come in?

We like to keep things simple with the finish due to the modern design of these radiators. That’s why you’ll only have the option of a glossy white or contemporary anthracite finish.

If there’s a specific colour you have in mind for a column radiator that you want to see come to life, have a look at our range of custom colour column radiators.

How can I get a cheap modern column radiator?

With the craftsmanship and time needed to create modern radiators, most of the range starts at around the £125 mark.  The 1800mm x 229mm column radiators are the cheapest in the range and ideal if you’re looking for a cheap column radiator for your kitchen.

Don’t forget to also check out our radiator clearance section for some incredible reductions on some of our column radiators.

Modern column radiator for bedrooms

You usually want to save as much space as possible in the bedroom. That’s why it is worth looking at column radiators under 600mm wide. You’ll find some of the Trade Direct columns under 600mm to have a nice square look, with the white finish on some of the contour radiators have a clean look.

Modern column radiators for living rooms

We have around 30 horizontal radiators that work wonders when you need a practical column radiator in your living room. The Trade Direct Contour model over 1100mm long in an anthracite finish will help give your recently redecorated living room a fresher look, with an unbeatable BTU output of over 5,000.

How many columns do I need when choosing a radiator?

The number of columns you need depends on the amount of heat a space continually needs.

Now it is important to note that when someone refers to the number of columns on a radiator, they’re not talking about the number of columns you see on the front/façade of the radiator.

The columns are what you see when looking at the radiator side on. The more you have, the more opportunity for cold air to come in contact with the radiator, heat up and rise.

Need a different look for your radiator? View the full selection of radiators and find the right fit for your room today.

Trade Radiators Delivery Promise

Waiting on a radiator to be delivered doesn’t have to be tedious. We aim to deliver any anthracite or white modern column radiator in 3-4 working days (if you order before 2 pm we’ll try to get it there even quicker).

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