Nordic Flat Panel Radiators

A dynamic and budget-friendly flat panel is something you do not come across every day. That’s why Trade Radiators is excited to have this fantastic range of Nordic flat panel radiators in stock. With over 80 sizes and styles currently available, if you’ve been looking for a flat panel radiator to fit perfectly on your wall, there’s a good chance you’ll find it here.

Take a look at what’s currently on offer and see if a Nordic flat panel radiator is the ideal choice for your space.

What makes Nordic flat panel radiators unique?

Flat panel radiators traditionally take a little more work than a standard single or double panel convector radiator to produce. That will typically lead to higher costs, but that isn’t the case here, as this Nordic flat panel range absolutely trumps most brands making similar products.

Their uniqueness is down to how much choice you’re provided from the range. Most brands will have around 20 flat panel sizes to choose from, and even limit themselves to a single or double style. This is not the case here, as Nordic has something for everyone.

It could be you’re tight on space and only a single panel, single convector radiator will fit. Or, you need a real injection of heat in the room and only a double panel, double convector will do. You’re getting more options than ever before from a contemporary radiator design that is usually hard to come by.

What finishes do Nordic Flat panel radiators come in?

Nordic flat panel radiators all come in a standard white finish. If you were looking for something like a grey, black, or chrome finish instead, we recommend visiting our flat panel radiator section, where you’ll find other shades to choose from.

What size does Nordic Flat panel radiators come in?

Nordic flat panels can fit anywhere from a downstairs toilet to a board room wall. The range goes from 400mm to 1600mm wide for horizontal models, and from 1800mm to 2000mm tall for vertical models.

In terms of radiator panels, this range has Type11, Type21 & Type 22 radiators in stock.

Are both sides of the radiator flat?

No. The images you see here are of the front of the radiator. The backs can’t be flat as they need openings to hang on the wall.

What guarantees do Nordic flat panel radiators have?

For being such a good deal, you’ll be surprised to learn that Nordic flat panel radiators come with an average guarantee of 15 years on the product. When most designer radiators only come with ten years, you’re looking at a radiator which will exceed expectations for years to come.

What does Nordic Linea mean?

You may have noticed some products are listed at Nordic Linea. These are flat panels which have horizontal lines in the radiator as a design feature. If you want a completely flat front panel with no features, stick with the basic model.

What material are these radiators made from?

The Nordic flat panel range is made from steel, providing a generally good level of heat retention.

If you’re after a radiator which heats up faster in troublesome spaces, our range of aluminium flat panel radiators is worth checking out.

What valve entry do these radiators have?

The horizontal models have a traditional side valve entry. The vertical flat panel radiators have a base entry as standard, and you’ll find pipe centre measurements within each product page. We would recommend getting a suitable radiator valve to help your installation look as good as possible.

Do I need anything special for installation?

If you’re planning a normal installation, you’ll be happy to know that your order comes with all the necessary fittings in the box. If you have a specific idea in mind, be it getting an air vent or feet supports, please take a look at our radiator accessory section.

Quick delivery on flat panel radiators

At Trade Radiators we hate the idea of anyone having to wait days on end for a new radiator. We’ll try our best to get radiators ready and shipped as quickly as possible. With this particular range, orders average 5 to 10 working days, but we’ll always try to get them to your door quicker than that.

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