Quinn QRL Seam Top Radiators

With no side panels or top grill, the Quinn QRL Seam Top Radiators are designed and made in the UK from high grade British steel, meaning only the best materials are used. With the radiators being both efficient and cost effective with their small design, they are a perfect choice for anyone looking for a stylish yet effective seam top radiator.

The radiators we stock come in all kinds of colours and sizes. If you're looking for something else, then take a look through our wide selection of radiators today.

Efficiency at Their Core

Known for their efficiency, Quinn QRL Seam Top Radiators have 8 to 20% higher heat outputs than other convector radiators of the same size. This means they need less water to heat the room, making them more energy efficient and cost effective at the same time. With a smaller radiator but also a stronger heat output, they make for the perfect choice for any room, whether you need a focal point or a radiator to fit into a small space in the room.

Stylish Design

Styled on the classic radiator design, Quinn QRL Seam Top Radiators are ideal for both mod-ern and traditional interiors. Their white colour allows them to fit nicely with all colour schemes in your home. One of the most diverse range of radiator options available at Trade due to the large amount of sizes on offer means that whatever your needs are, there is a radiator to fit your wall and room layout.

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Our Service

The variety of offers and options when it comes to heaters makes for a hassle-free journey and high standard of customer service at Trade Radiators. With free delivery and a multi-year guaran-tee on all products, the customer and your satisfaction is the core of all we believe in.

Quinn Radiators are one of the most established brands we work with at Trade Radiators and are highly thought of throughout Europe. Their QRL Seam Top Radiators are perfect for those look-ing for a high quality round top radiator. Get your latest radiator now!

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