Reina Casina Designer Radiators

Another impressive mini range from the fantastic products developed by Reina, Trade Radiators is delighted to offer customers unbeatable prices and quality when shopping online in the UK for Reina Casina designer radiators. When you’re looking for designer products with premium features and materials used, this could be the radiator for you.

Shop the range today and see how you can get the best deals when you shop at Trade Radiators.

If the Reina Casina isn't the right fit for your room, you'll be pleased to know we also stock a huge range of heating choices. Why not take a look at our full selection of radiators?

Why buy a Reina Casina designer radiator?

The team at Trade Radiators are very particular with the products sold on-site. With our years of experience looking at all things radiators, any potential product we would sell is checked thoroughly before we find it suitable for our customers. When looking at some like the Reina Casina models here, it’s almost unbelievable how fantastically these work out the box.

For being a designer product, their efficiency and speed at which they can heat up is impressive. Add to that the fact they’ve made the product in both horizontal and vertical styles to fit in any space, and you’re looking at a range that is tough to beat.

What size Reina Casina Designer Radiators should I get?

Casina radiators start at 600mm by 470mm for the horizontal models, going all the way to 600mm by 1420mm for a double panel radiator which can reach up to 7259 BTU. Such output for radiators like this is unheard of with some other leading brands.

If you need to find a radiator to heat a specific room, make sure you use this heating calculator to find out the BTU requirements and pick an appropriately sized radiator to heat your room comfortably.

What valve entry do Reina Casina Designer Radiators have?

Both the horizontal and vertical models have a standard side entry, and each product has pipe centres listed to help you find the ideal radiator to match where your pipes are.

With this range coming in three colours, it helps to have matching radiator valves to complete installation, so make sure to check out our anthracite, satin and white radiator valves.

Does a single or double panel Reina Casina radiator make a difference?

There are two things to consider when choosing between single and double panel radiators; the heat requirements of the room, and the width from the wall you can work with.

With Casina radiators so powerful, you may be able to swap your existing double panel radiator for a single panel model, but make sure it will heat your room adequately.

What are Reina Casina radiators made from?

The radiators in this range are made from aluminium. Aluminium is a lesser-known material for making radiators. It is a fast conductor of heat, so if you need a radiator in a room which needs to get warm quickly, aluminium is the way to go. If you needed a radiator which retains heat for a longer period when your central heating is off, you might prefer a traditional steel radiator.

Can I use a vertical Reina Casina radiator as a towel rail?

The design of these radiators uses a vertical front panel as standard. If you were looking to have one of these in your bathroom and wanted to use it as a towel rail, we recommend getting a suitable towel bar, rail hanger, or robe hook.

Do I need anything special for installation?

Reina Casina radiators come with all the relevant fittings in the box for a standard installation.

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