Reina Colona Column Radiators

Providing an extensive range of colours and sizes, along with high heat output and a classic design, the range of designer Reina Colona column radiators we currently have in stock will fit perfectly in almost any room.

Shop the range right now to see if you can find a Reina Colona radiator for your home.

What makes Reina Colona column radiators special?

When shopping for designer column radiators, colour and size would generally be considered the two biggest limitations. Some brands may only have column radiators in a handful of sizes for horizontal and vertical options. This is not the case here, as Trade Radiators has over 90 different sizes of Colona in stock in 2, 3 & 4 column styles.

You’ll quickly be able to find the right size for any room you need a new designer column radiator.

What finish do Reina Colona Column radiators come in?

Again, it is surprising how versatile the Colona is for being seen as a designer product. We are delighted to be able to offer bespoke finishes on almost every radiator in the range. You’ll be able to see when looking at a specific size which finishes are the most popular (listed in the product photos), but as long as you have a specific RAL colour in mind, we’ll try to match it.

If you have any questions about picking custom colours for a radiator, please get in touch.

What size does Colona radiators come in?

Whether you’re working with a box room or have an open-plan office which relies on powerful radiators, the Colona can work for you. Vertical models go from 200mm to 380mm wide, while the horizontal radiators range from 605mm to 1370mm.

How many panels do Reina Colona Column Radiators have?

These radiators come in 2, 3 and 4-panel options. The more you choose, the higher the natural heat output of the radiator will be.

When choosing multiple columns, we do advise you take into account wall projection, which goes from 98mm for the 2-column to 163mm for the 4-column. If you’re looking to have minimal protrusion from your radiator, we recommend opting for single panel radiators.

What guarantee do Reina Colona radiators have?

Reina Colona radiators come with a ten-year guarantee on the product, in-line with most other guarantees you get from designer radiators.

Why are Colona radiators made from steel?

Column radiators like these tend to need steel as they have to be strong and long-lasting. Steel is a fantastic material when creating radiators with gaps between columns as it has a good degree of heat retention, which helps keep rooms warmer for longer.

If you were looking for a fast-acting radiator, your speediest option would be to use an aluminium designer radiator.

Can I use a vertical Reina Colona radiator as a towel rail?

The vertical radiators can be adapted for use into towel rails. They need to have a towel bar attached. You can view our range of towel bars here. It does include several bars by Reina which would complement your radiator installation.

Do I need to buy anything to install a Reina Colona radiator

These radiators will come with fittings in the box for a standard installation.

Fast delivery on your new Reina Colona radiator

We want to get your radiator delivered as quickly as possible. When ordering a plain white Colona radiator, any orders made before 2 pm will qualify for next working day delivery.  If you’re opting for a bespoke paint job on the radiator, you’ll need to allow a few days for our team to paint the product professionally, but you will be kept up to date with your order via email.

Read more about delivery for all our products here.

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