Reina Flat Designer Radiators

Sleek is something of an overused word these days, but it deserves its place when looking at the fantastic quality of the Reina flat designer radiators we have in stock. These are some of the best-selling designer flat styled radiators available on site just now, with sizes ideal for almost any room.

Need something else for your room? We have a large selection of radiators for you to choose from, including different styles and colours.

Shop the range today and see if a new Reina Flat designer radiator is the best choice for you

What are Reina Flat radiators?

Reina Flat radiators are traditionally styled panel radiators with a distinctive front-facing panel. Many liken it to a more minimalist approach when compared to similarly-sized convector radiators.

The panel has slight embossing in place to provide the suggestion that you’re looking at a column radiator, but this is merely a design feature to help improve the surface area heating capabilities of the radiator.

Should I choose a vertical or horizontal radiator?

The radiator you need will depend on where your pipe centres are, and what existing radiator you have in place. It is now becoming quite popular to swap older small radiators for a vertical model. If you’re thinking of doing so, please take into account the measurement of your pipe centres, as you’ll need a radiator which can match that space.

Also, look at how much height you have for a vertical radiator, and that one can be installed without any impediment.

What size Reina Flat Designer Radiators Should I get?

The majority of radiators in stock will be one of two sizes, depending on the orientation you choose. The horizontal radiators are all 600mm high and range from 440mm to 1402mm wide, with projection differing based on choosing a single or double panel.

The vertical radiators are going to be 1600mm or 1800mm high, ranging from 218mm to 514mm wide, with projection being 68mm or 93mm for single and double panel radiators, respectively.

What heating systems can Reina Flat radiators be used on?

Reina Flat radiators are made for conventional heating systems. Depending on the size, they can reach a BTU rate up to 5081, which would be for the Reina Flat horizontal 600mm by 1402mm double panel radiator.

If you’re looking for a radiator like this in a space where you want it connected to dual fuel or electric, please take a look at our complete range of electric panel radiators.

What other Reina products are popular right now?

As one of the most popular designer brands available at Trade Radiators, other ranges customers are enjoying right now include:

You can see all of our stock for Reina products here or browse our full selection of radiators here.

Do I need anything special for installation?

Your order will be shipped with all the necessary fixtures and fittings for a traditional installation. If you’d like your installation to look the part, we suggest you take a look at our full range of radiator accessories, including robe hooks and pipe sleeves.

Get Radiators Quickly with Trade Radiators

We know that waiting around on a radiator can feel tedious, which is why we have next working day delivery in place for many of the Reina flat radiators currently in stock.

Simply place your order before 2 pm to qualify for next working day delivery across mainland UK.

Have a question?

Please call the Trade Radiators customer service team on 0141 225 0430 right now if you have any questions about these radiators, or need help finding a similar product for your home.

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