Reina Nerox Designer Radiators

An impressive designer radiator option, with tremendous heat output and a high-quality finish, the Reina Nerox range currently in stock at Trade Radiators is ideal for those who want something special from a designer radiator.

Take a look at what we have for you right now and see if a Reina Nerox designer radiator is the ideal choice for your home or space.

What are Reina Nerox radiators?

Trade Radiators has been stocking Reina brand radiators for a long time now, and the Nerox mini-range is one of the most exciting ranges.

Reina Nerox radiators are single and double panel traditional convector style radiators. They have a tubular design on the panel and come as either horizontal or vertical models with a polished or satin finish.

A polished finish gives your new radiator a lustre or shine on the coating, while a satin finish is more muted mid-sheen finish. If you’re interested in seeing other radiators like these, you can shop for radiators by colour.

What size Reina Nerox Designer Radiators Should I get?

It is important to know that you simply can’t swap an existing radiator like-for-like size-wise and expect it to heat as you intended. Find a radiator which provides a similar BTU output. In the case of the Reina Nerox, it’s often the case that you’ll be looking to go slightly smaller as these radiators have a higher level of heat output and improved retention compared to budget options.

What heating system are these radiators made for?

Reina Nerox radiators are made for use on traditional heating systems. If you were interested in dual-fuel or fully electric radiators, please take a look at our range of electric designer radiators, with some Reina products in stock. You can also view our full range of radiators here.

Does it matter if I get a single or double panel Reina Nerox radiator?

When you want a radiator that provides a higher degree of heat output, a double panel radiator would be your best option. As this design has some vertical spacing between columns on the front panel, it has a higher surface area to work with.

If you have the width to work with, the double panel is the way to go. When space is at a premium, a single panel should do just fine.

Can I use a vertical Reina Nerox radiator as a towel rail?

The radiator can allow for the attachment of a towel bar if necessary. We recommend opting for a rail with a similar finish to the colour of your radiator. It may also be worth getting matching radiator pipe sleeves if you’d like the installation to look perfect.

Do I need anything special for installation?

Trade Radiators always provides the necessary fittings in the box, so you should not need anything extra for installation.

What other Reina products are in stock?

Reina is one of the top designer brands in stock at Trade Radiators. If you’d like to see some of their other ranges, designs which customers like right now include:

If you're looking for a different style, colour or size, why not browse through our full range of radiators?

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