Reina Slimline Designer Radiators

 Our range of Reina slimline designer radiators has a minimalist design, making them the ideal choice for anyone who wants a crisp, clean look in any space. 

Coming in several finishes, these radiators are fantastic for any room with a modern look. 

Shop the range today and see which radiator would look best in your space. Browse our full selection of radiators to see a wider range.

When Should You Choose a Reina Slimline Designer Radiator?

We think these radiators work best in downstairs areas at home, and in offices. 

They have a slate-like look that helps them stand out in any space. The large front panel is all one piece making for a unique looking radiator that could honestly be mistaken for a piece of art. 

If you have a bright room with lots of light furnishings, the white model would be best. For rooms where you have any sorts of prominent greys or slate (in a kitchen or conference room for example), the anthracite finish is a fantastic choice.  

For anyone who has dusty blue or grey walls, the silver finish is your best option. 

What size Reina Slimline Designer Radiators Should I get?

We have radiators in both horizontal and vertical designs. 

Because they are single panel radiators, they don’t have too much of a depth from a wall, but we do recommend measuring out the area you want your radiator to be positioned, taking into account any shelf space or how high up your skirting boards go. 

The 1170mm models seem to be a quite popular choice for customers buying for bathrooms. 

If you're looking for a different style, remember to check our full selection of radiators.

Can I use a Reina Slimline Radiator as a Towel Rail?

Yes. Even though they don’t have rails as standard, you can purchase a towel rail bar that can be attached at any height. We have bars for 300mm-500mm radiators, so if you are thinking of getting one, make sure it matches the width of your new radiator. 

What Entry do Reina Slimline Designer Radiators have? 

Vertical models have a straight entry right in the centre of the radiator.  

Horizontal models have a side entry. 

We do have adaptable valves for sale should you need one for your central heating system to connect. 

Trade Radiators Price Guarantee

Every Reina radiator available at Trade is sold as the best price you’ll find online. To make sure of it, we have our special price match promise. 

If you find the same make and model elsewhere online for a better full price in the UK (including delivery), we will match it. You can find more information on our price guarantee page. 

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