Aluminium Radiators

When you need a radiator which can help heat a room in no time at all, Trade Radiator’s current selection of aluminium radiators will do just the trick. We have some fantastic products from top brands like Trade Direct & Supplies4Heat, as part of the most diverse selection of aluminium radiators styles you’ll find in the UK.

Shop the current range and find the ideal aluminium radiator for your interior.

We have a wide variety of radiators to choose from if you can't find what you're looking for yet. You can also view our other finishes here if you're interested in getting a different finish for your radiator.

What advantages do aluminium radiators have?

Aluminium radiators have many advantages over most other radiators. These include:

Heating ability

Many people don’t know that the majority of radiators are made from stainless steel. While it is exceptionally good as conducting heat, aluminium can do the same job much better.


Some aluminium radiators are made from recycled material; ideal if you’re trying to become a more environmentally conscious shopper.

Lower water content

Many of the radiators we have in this section use less water. While this may seem counter-intuitive on a traditional heating system, aluminium radiators need less water to get up to temperature in time. This means you would see energy consumption lower over time while heat output remains steady.

What styles do aluminium radiators come in?

Trade Radiators aims to give customers as much variety as possible when it comes to the look and finish of their chosen aluminium radiators.

Popular styles we currently have in stock include:

  • Designer radiators
  • Column radiators
  • Flat panel radiators
  • Vertical aluminium radiators
  • Aluminium towel rails

Where do aluminium radiators look best?

It is important to remember that when we talk about aluminium, we are referring to the material used and not the colour of the radiator. We stock aluminium radiators in several finishes such as anthracite, black, silver, and polished.

What brands make the best aluminium radiators?

Not many brands make aluminium radiators, so they can be hard to come by. Supplies4Heat and Apollo would be two of the most well-known. We also have the Trade Direct range of aluminium radiators created by the Trade Radiators team.  Models like the Aphex and Quad is our way of providing new designs to what has traditionally been a limited market.

Is it hard to clean aluminium radiators?

No. Aluminium radiators don’t need any special cleaners as they’ll be finished with top coatings of paint just like any other radiators at home. As long as they’re cleaned like other radiators and looked after, they should cause no problems for years.

These radiators are finished to a high standard and should not require any extra upkeep. You can clean them just like you would with other radiators.

Can aluminium radiators be used on electric systems?

Traditionally made radiators cannot, but we have a range of aluminium electric radiators available. The range includes electric versions of popular products as well as some exciting outdoor heating solutions.

If you're interested in viewing the full range of radiators we have available, you can click here.

Do I need anything special for installation?

Every new aluminium radiator will come with fittings included so it can be installed without any issue. We do advise that customer opt for radiator pipe sleeves which match the finish of the new radiator, and see if matching radiator valves are better suited than current valves.

Aluminium radiators at an unbeatable price

Trade Radiators is an online-only business. With no physical stores, it means we can keep products down in price and pass the savings on to you. We also pride ourselves on being able to offer all our radiators as the best price possible. With our price guarantee, if you find the same make and model of aluminium radiator for a better total price (delivery included) from another UK retailer online, we’ll match it.

Our delivery guarantee

No one should have to wait around for their radiators to be delivered. The majority of radiators you’ll find in this section have free next working day delivery for customers in mainland UK. You’ll also see average delivery times for each radiator in the product details.