Chrome Radiators

Our chrome radiators mix a contemporary look with an unbeatable level of efficiency and will add a modern look to most rooms and keep you warm all year long. You’ll find that these radiators not only perform just as well as competitor brands but are a considerably cheaper alternative.

 Shop the range and find a chrome radiator that will match your interior perfectly.

Where do chrome radiators look best?

Since the chrome finish is quite striking, this type of radiator works best against a darker or more colourful wall where it can contrast and stand out. 

If you are looking at the horizontal models, they lend themselves best when installed in open-plan areas that use a lot of white or slate. The vertical chrome radiators look fantastic in kitchens, hallways and entry spaces. 

For customers looking to buy for professional and commercial areas, the horizontal 550mm Reina Neva models are ideal, especially if it’s tough to heat the space.

Need a different kind of radiator? We keep a wide variety of choices available. You can view our full range of radiators to get the right fit for your room. You can also browse our other finishes here if you're looking for a different colour.

What brands make the best chrome radiators?

With chrome being quite a difficult finish to pull off (you don’t want to see lines or marks on the panel) it takes skilled hands to create a sleek look. Reina would be the brand we think makes the best chrome radiators on the market.

You’ll see these rads look flawless and Reina has an acute sense of detail that is hard to match.

What are chrome radiators made from?

The majority of radiators in the range are made from 1.5mm mild steel. This is what most radiators are made from as the metal is flexible enough to work with, makes for great designs and provides reliable heat output.

We also have some aluminium chrome radiators in stock. These tend to be more expensive but provide tremendous heat output if you want a fast-acting radiator.

Is it difficult to clean a chrome radiator?

These radiators are finished to a high standard and should not require any specialist cleaning or upkeep. You can clean them just like you would with other radiators.

Can I get a chrome radiator for my bathroom?

If you’re looking to heat your bathroom with a chrome radiator but have a tight budget, you might be interested in looking at any of the vertical NEVA rails. Most average a BTU around 2,000 and can have radiator towel bars attached so you can keep your towels and robes nice & toasty.  

Do I need anything special for installation?

Fittings are supplied as standard with every radiator purchased on site. With chrome being such a distinctive finish, you may want to have the entire radiator set-up in a complementary fashion.

We would recommend getting matching chrome radiator pipe sleeves and having new chrome radiator valves, as it will look much better than a lovely new radiator installed with plain valves and caps on show. 

Are there similar radiator finishes I can look at?

Chrome is quite a striking finish. If you’re looking for radiators that can add a little WOW factor to any room, you should take a look at our polished radiators and satin finish radiators

What heating system do these chrome radiators work with?

These radiators work with standard central heating systems and shouldn’t require any additional work to get them up and running.

We know that many customers are now opting for electric solutions to their heating, and if you need a plug-in solution, please take a look at our electrical chrome radiators. The range features read and rails from Trade Direct, Lazzarini and Pisa.

Chrome radiators at an unbeatable price

We aim to provide customers with the best price possible on new radiators. As an online-only business, we don’t need to pay for physical store locations and can pass savings on to you. That’s why we have a Price Match Guarantee. 

Find the same make and model of chrome radiator as a better price on another UK store, and we’ll match it!

If you're unable to find what you're looking for here, why not browse through our full range of radiators? We have lots of choices to choose from.

Our Delivery Guarantee

Don’t forget that all products sold here at Trade Radiators come with free UK mainland delivery and most of our chrome radiators have a 10-year guarantee on the product. Order before 2 pm, and we’ll aim to have your new radiators at your door by the next working day.