Copper Radiators

A bold and striking finish for a radiator, a copper radiator is ideal when you want a radiator that adds vibrancy to any space. If you’ve been looking for a unique radiator colour and prefer to have radiators that will catch attention, a copper radiator could be the one for you.

Take a look at the current range and see if there’s a copper radiator which will fit perfectly in your room.

You can view our wide selection of radiators if you're looking for a different style. You can also view our other finishes here.

What makes copper radiators different?

Copper is a lesser-known finish and one which is really only looked at when you want a radiator that will stand out. We think the radiators in this range are tremendous for customers who are looking to fit a contemporary or commercial space.

This type of finish is growing in popularity in kitchens, loft apartments, cafes, restaurants and bars.

What are copper radiators made of?

Just like a 2p coin, copper radiators aren’t actually made from copper. These radiators are made with high-grade steel before having a copper finish applied on top. This helps the radiator act as a better conductor.

Of course, copper is also quite a corrosive material if not treated properly, so you want to avoid radiators that would have exposed copper around the fittings and valves. The finish on the radiators you see here is fully protective, with most products having a guarantee of at least ten years on the rad.

What shapes and styles do copper radiators come in?

You can choose from horizontal and vertical copper radiators. The range can get up to 1792mm high and 1421mm wide, and look best when on their own,  as it helps the radiator stand out.

Copper Column Radiators

You may have noticed we have different column options for our copper radiators. It’s important to know that column refers to column depth on the radiator, and not how many columns you see when you look directly at the radiator.

Please check the width from the (i.e. wall projection) you have to work with before picking a specific number of columns.

A rough rule of thumb places the width per column as such: 

  • 2 columns – 66mm
  • 3 columns – 107mm
  • 4 columns – 148mm
  • 6 columns – 230mm

If you would like to view our full range of radiators, click here.

Why are most of these copper radiators made by DQ?

Copper is quite a hard finish to get right. It requires finesse and a lot of patience to perfect that bronze-ish tint. We believe that DQ does a fantastic job with this radiator finish and make arguably the best copper radiators currently available in the UK.

Does my copper radiator come with everything I need for installation?

Fittings will come in the box with your radiator so you can get it hung up and plumbed without any problems. We do recommend anyone going for this style take a look at our range of radiator valves, as you’ll want a complimentary finish to help ring the installation together.

How quickly can I get a copper radiator?

We aim to get copper radiators delivered as quickly as possible. Remember that Trade Radiators offer free delivery on all radiators, so there are no hidden charges when you get to checkout.

You can find more information delivery options here.

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